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Gain Full Control Of Your Water Distribution Network With Aquis

80% of your capital is invested in the distribution network - and yet you may have limited or no access to information about what happens to the water once it leaves the waterworks. With Aquis by Schneider Electric, you can be in full control of your water pipeline and gain an overview of your entire water distribution network.

Intuitive Operating Tool

Aquis enables you to design your network to meet future demands, avoid bottlenecks and comply with regulations while optimizing your investment, improving customer service and reducing operating costs.

Aquis ensures safe water and reduces operational costs thanks to a variety of features:

    • Water age monitoring
    • Water age tracking and prediction
    • Planning of pipe flushing
    • Water mix simulation
    • Pollution source trace back
    • Pollution spread forecasting
    • Customer early warning

Proven Solution, Proven Results

    • Improve your customer service
    • Reduce operating costs
    • Reduce NRW by an average of 30%

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