Enhance the Industrial Workforce with Artificial Intelligence

State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies improve industrial processes, proactively detect and solve problems, and provide guidance for risk-based decisions resulting in significant cost savings and improved competitiveness and sustainability for the enterprise.


Artificial Intelligence is transforming the industrial workplace

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting industrial markets and forcing enterprises to reevaluate how traditional work is performed such as:

  • Workforce training
  • Process engineering and design
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Operations forecasting and scheduling

AVEVA’s industry leading cloud-based AI technologies mitigate business and operational risk, improve workforce safety and efficiency, and forge a more reliable and sustainable enterprise.



Spot anomalies in how your processes, equipment and assets are performing with advanced pattern recognition powered by machine learning. Early detection and warning of equipment failure, process inefficiencies, and errors within engineering, operations and performance improves worker safety, limits operational risk and saves $100s of millions in averted asset failure.



Combine first principles analysis and machine learning to optimize processes for improved yield and operational efficiency. Industry and asset specific algorithms are combined with advanced modeling techniques to identify process and asset anomalies with accelerated resolution times.



Root cause analysis, optimized solutions, and risk-based decision support guide you to the most efficient decision for the business. Gain the insight needed to identify the right course of action with the highest probability of success in achieving your goals of improved efficiency and profitability.



Forecast future events, schedules, and operational scenarios to manage risk, maximize profitability and improve sustainability. Neural networks, deep-learning, and reinforcement learning AI technologies provide valuable insight into operations and maintenance strategy, identifying specific areas for improvement.

How can AI Transform Your Business?

Learn how AI is amplifying the digital twin

Digital Disruption. With AI.

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Predictive Analytics

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Hear From Industry Peers

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Covestro implements AI for predictive analytics

Improve reliability, performance, and safety of your assets. Leading companies are leveraging predictive analytics to reduce equipment failures, increase reliability and improve asset performance. These capabilities are earning these companies millions of dollars in savings. Attend this webinar to learn how leading companies are piloting and implementing predictive analytics technologies. Join AVEVA and Covestro for a discussion on how these technologies are being put to work today in industrial applications.


Learn how one of the world’s largest petrochemicals companies lowers maintenance costs by preventing equipment failure

Artificial Intelligence empowers organizations to shift from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance (PdM) strategies. This enables front-line personnel to act before costly failures occur and maximize value throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Learn how Air Liquide is improving reliability, performance, and safety with artificial intelligence.

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