Asset Analysis

Reduce unscheduled downtime, increase reliability, and improve safety by applying the right analytics mix to your APM strategy


Reduce Unscheduled Downtime and Maintenance Costs

Advanced analytics – including condition-based and PRiSM Predictive Asset Analytics solutions – provide early warning notification and diagnosis of equipment problems days, weeks, or months before failure. This change improves maintenance planning and reduces downtime by shifting from reactive to predictive or prescriptive maintenance strategies.

Advanced Analytics Software to Optimise Asset Performance

Apply the right analytics mix to maximise economic return on asset investments.

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Turn Your Data Into Insight

Quickly transform raw data into actionable insights to prevent equipment failure and make smart decisions that improve operations.

Predict Equipment Failures and Reduce Downtime

Catch asset failures days, weeks, or months before they occur, and schedule maintenance operations around the most economically viable time.

Increase Asset Utilisation and Extend Asset Life

When a potential problem is identified, instead of shutting down equipment immediately, the situation can be assessed for more convenient outcomes to optimise asset utilisation.

Improve Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Ensure knowledge capture so that maintenance decisions and processes are repeatable even when organisations are faced with transitioning workforces.

Reduce Operations and Maintenance Costs

Early warning with advanced analytics enables proactive maintenance planning allowing parts to be ordered and shipped without rush and equipment can continue running.

Identify Underperforming Assets

Discover which asset or groups of assets are underperforming to prioritise replacements or optimisation opportunities through fleet-wide monitoring.

Maintenance engineers

Maintenance Engineers

Maintenance engineers are provided with increased situational awareness of their asset's health, allowing them to maximise asset utilisation for the enterprise while reducing maintenance costs due to better planning. Parts can be ordered and shipped without rush, and equipment can continue running.

Operations Management

Operations Managers

Operations management can schedule downtime for asset maintenance at the least economically disruptive time to the enterprise. Keep production lines running and product shipping with improved visibility into how asset performance impacts the enterprise value chain.

Reliability engineers

Reliability Engineers

Reliability engineers use advanced machine learning built into PRiSM Predictive Asset Analytics to empower them with increased visibility into asset health and operations. This enables them to accurately predict and eliminate the root cause of all failures and plan downtime accordingly.

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