Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

Remotely monitoring industrial assets as a service

Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

Decrease Unscheduled Downtime and Improve Asset Utilisation

Reduce maintenance costs and capital expenditures by leveraging our Monitoring and Diagnostics Services Center for remote monitoring of your industrial assets. As part of this service, our engineers use predictive analytics and machine learning technology to perform the monitoring, and provide early warning alerts and diagnostic guidance to our customers. This service enables organisations to improve equipment reliability and performance, and to reduce maintenance costs, capital expenditures, and total cost of ownership. Faced with data overload, customers rely on our assistance in interpreting data and formulating responses to potential equipment failure days, weeks, and even months before it occurs.

Quickly Add Predictive Asset Analytics

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Monitoring and Diagnostic Services

Our engineers perform asset monitoring using AVEVA Predictive Asset Analytics software to provide early warning alerts and diagnostic guidance to our customers.

Advanced Modeling

Our team leverages vast industry knowledge and experience coupled with advanced machine learning technology. This is used to build and understand asset behaviour models that are continuously fine-tuned to increase the probability of early warning detection and reduce false alerts.

Turnkey Solution

Installation, system training, modelling, remote monitoring, and reporting of anomalies are all done by our team of experts, limiting the burden on the customer, and supplementing their existing team.

Advanced Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

Predictive Asset Analytics learns an asset’s unique operating profile during all loading, ambient and operational process conditions. Existing machinery sensor data is inputted into the software’s advanced modeling process and compared to real-time operating data to determine and alert upon subtle deviations from expected equipment behavior.

Root Cause Analysis

Once an issue has been identified, the software assists our engineers in determining root cause analysis, and provides fault diagnostics to help our team understand the reason and significance of the problem.

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