Control of Work

Plan and perform safe, compliant working on complex engineering assets. AVEVA Control of Work enables asset operators to eliminate, minimise or mitigate operational risk while optimising asset performance.


Reduced Risk

  • Consistent, compliant, best-practice execution of invasive tasks eliminates, minimises or mitigates risks to personnel, to the asset, and to the environment.
  • Enforced use of validated procedures minimises the risks associated with shutdown and restart.
  • Verification of sustained regulatory compliance avoids the risk of fines or loss of operating licence.


Increased Standardisation

  • Efficient, compliant, best-practice operation can be standardised easily across multiple assets.
  • Staff can be redeployed between assets with minimal learning curve.


Reduced Operating Costs

  • Efficient deployment and use of valuable skilled resources saves direct labour costs.
  • Efficient, rapid execution of engineering tasks minimises loss of production.
  • Robust control and audit trails reduce the costs of demonstrating regulatory compliance.

Features and Capabilities

Risk Assessment

A configurable, rule-driven framework guides the user in assessing every relevant risk and making the appropriate decisions.

Work Permit Management

A configurable, rule-driven framework manages the entire existence of each Work Permit, from its creation to closure and archiving.

Work Activity Plotting

Unique, best-in-class visualisation features show the various work locations on the asset, enabling task clashes to be avoided and highlighting opportunities for coordinating tasks in close physical proximity.

Isolation Planning and Execution

Both mechanical and electrical isolations can be applied consistently, quickly and in compliance with applicable regulations and best practice. Mechanical isolation plans can be efficiently created by direct visual interaction with intelligent P&IDs

Safe Job Analysis

Structured, template-based identification of risks, causes and effects is complemented by controlled documentation of safety meetings and management of the approval process.

Lessons Learned Reporting

Continual improvement of operational processes to drive down risk and increase efficiency is supported by tools for capturing lessons learned on individual tasks and identifying common factors in their execution.


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