Operations Information Management

Bridge data silos to improve operational performance, safety, and reliability

Operations Information Management

Improve decision-making with proper data governance and stewardship

AVEVA’s Information Management approach bridges operations, engineering, and information technology to eliminate the data silos in your business and enable decisions based in fact and trusted information.

Accurate decision-making relies on easy access to trusted information at the right time to drive increased operational performance, safety, and asset reliability.

While standalone applications can support individual processes, they can create data silos and a severe lack of transparency, efficiency, and trust within organizations.

Our information management solutions funnel multiple data sources into a single functional lens, enabling your people to visualize operational data in the context of the digital twin to make decisions in real time and manage business and operational risks effectively.

Beyond big data: How Visual APM takes digitalization into three dimensions to deliver higher performance, safety, and reliability

Light up your dark data

Every day, your people, devices, and processes generate myriads of data—but without context, it's just noise.

Our Information Management portfolio helps you consolidate and contextualize your critical data so that information is quickly accessible to support better decisions.

Data collection greatly exceeds the ability of companies to manage and analyze it, resulting in more than 55% of the data being dark

“The cost of poor asset information equates to 1.5% of sales revenue per year”

Ref. NIST Study / SAP-Centric EAM

"Businesses with poor asset information management processes are found have total business expenditures up to 5% higher."

Ref. IAM Institute Asset Information, Strategy, Standards and Data Management SSG

Project Information Management

AVEVA’s Information Management solution draws data directly from your existing systems to ensure the latest and most trustworthy data is available whenever you need it. Our approach creates possibilities for optimizing projects, increasing transparency, and reducing costs and administrative tasks, all while enhancing the operational digital twin.

Learn more about Project Information Management here.

Maintain an up-to-date, trusted digital representation of your plant

AVEVA’s Information Management solution funnels multiple silos of data to present a living digital copy of the physical asset. With the ability to assess the quality of “as-operated data,” manage in-plant and MMO contractors’ changes, and enforce information standards, it ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of asset information.

Bring the digital twin to life

Our portfolio also covers your process historian, intelligence, and reporting needs completely — whether on-premise, in the cloud, or both. With open, system-agnostic connectivity and scalable architectures, you can take advantage of advanced operations information management that supports your digital transformation and IIoT initiatives.

Find relevant, complete information

Capture, store, access, and visualize data from all possible sources, such as documents, 3D models, and real-time operational data, with a centralized repository of information throughout the entire asset life cycle.

Visualize and contextualize information

Display information and documents in context to enhance insights and promote effective decision-making.

Our solutions deliver a 360-degree view of the entire digital asset by combining asset management and engineering information with historical operational data and predictive analytics to prevents failures and improve asset utilization.

Maximize your Historian Data to Avoid Costly Equipment Failures with AVEVA Predictive Asset Analytics

Transform operations data into value with information management


Achieve real-time situational awareness

Provide rapid, effective responses to equipment failures or events with access to engineering and operations information in three minutes or less. This way you can spend less time searching for required information and more time making informed decisions to support critical business processes.


Improve asset utilization and reduce unplanned downtime

Quickly analyze asset health, and all related information to reveal the roles of  assets in plant operation and any underlying problems. This enables proactive response, minimizing unscheduled downtime and improving overall profitability.


Increased safety and regulatory compliance

With easy access to a trusted digital representation of the actual as-operating state of the asset, it is easy to recall documents and critical data to respond quickly to incidents. This helps ensure safety at all times and demonstrate regulatory compliance, avoiding fines and penalties.

Plant Managers

Plant Managers

Plant managers receive enhanced visibility of their operations over time, so they can quickly identify trends and new opportunities for performance optimization. Enterprise-wide data access puts the right information into the right hands at the right time. This allows for better cost control and revenue enhancement.

engineers and operators

Engineers and Operators

Engineers and operators receive the data resolution they need to make well-informed decisions, wherever they are. They can capture unique equipment, process, and people knowledge to optimize operation, manage alarms better, and use operational history for troubleshooting and process optimization.

maintenance and reliability plant engineer

Maintenance and Reliability

Maintenance teams get high-fidelity data, KPIs, and event information in the context of the digital twin, allowing them to quickly get to the root of the problem. This also flags downtime and continuous improvement opportunities while driving increased equipment availability across the business.

Operational insights at your fingertips

Your complete toolset for creating a single source of trusted information

AVEVA™ Historian

Empower people with high-fidelity historical data from operations, enabling them to solve problems faster, make better data-based decisions, and increase productivity.

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AVEVA™ Insight

AVEVA Insight is an easy-to-use, cloud-based information management solution for faster, smarter business decisions – anywhere, anytime.

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AVEVA™ Information Standards Manager

Rationalize existing class libraries to enforce consistent and compliant information standards. Achieve more efficient business processes without without the cost or risk of replacing numerous individual authoring applications.

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Enable users across businesses to securely access, visualize, validate, and collaborate on asset data by bringing together project and asset information from multiple sources and in multiple formats.

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AVEVA™ Asset Information Management Discovery

A fully scalable SaaS infrastructure that enables users to reference and quickly access asset information of all types and sources through an accurate information portal.

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AVEVA™ Engage

Deliver highly efficient and effective decision support with a seamless, connected view of project and asset information referenced in AVEVA NET and AVEVA Asset Information Management Discovery .

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Accelerate time-to-value with out-of-the-box industry solution templates, reports, dashboards, and operational KPIs that unify all available operational and business data for increased agility.

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