Progressive Handover

Derisk the traditional event-driven handover from the project phase into operations


Progressive Handover Derisks the Traditional Event-driven Handover from the Project Phase into Operations.

AVEVA's Progressive Handover solution can reduce handover costs by up to 85%*, streamline the population of operational readiness systems and reduce information retrieval time in operations. It provides key metrics on information completeness and ready access to trusted, actionable information in operations.


Key Features

  • Automatic extraction and linking of tag data from drawings and documents.
  • Simple, non-invasive deployment.
  • Intuitive, rapid access to information of known quality.
  • Built-in 2D and 3D data visualisation.
  • Aggregation of information from multiple sources.
  • Powerful search and reporting capabilities.

*AVEVA NET - Woodside post-implementation review; Deloitte

Features and Capabilities

  • Staged, incremental flow of validated data, based on data maturity
  • Early availability of information for operational readiness.

  • Continual assessment and reporting of information status throughout the project.
  • The first stage to full Asset Life Cycle Information Management.


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