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AVEVA Cloud is your digital transformation hub. A cloud platform that spans your entire business – from unified engineering, design and procurement; to optimized operations and production; asset performance management; and improved on-boarding and upskilling of your people.

Building on the systems and data you already have AVEVA Cloud powers your digital twin to enable new levels of effectiveness across engineering and operational lifecycles. Helping to evolve the industries that power our world.

Take advantage of a perfectly scalable cloud environment, that delivers you a flexible, powerful set of tools to turn opportunities into benefits:

  • Connecting your people by removing operational and informational silos, unleashing them to become a unified, empowered workforce.
  • Connecting your engineering, assets and operations to maximise return on capital and improve profitability.
  • Achieving new levels of excellence from digital services such as machine learning, advanced analytics, early awareness, augmented intelligence, and more.

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AVEVA Cloud Features

AVEVA Cloud delivers the advanced cloud services that enable and enrich the living Digital Twin. Where assets, people, processes and products are digitally assembled in a unified construct. Suddenly you gain complete visibility across your engineering and operational lifecycles, so that you can consistently make smarter decisions for more effective, more agile execution.

Integrated engineering and design solutions with AVEVA Connect

Engineering Efficiency

Our unified engineering portfolio includes all phases of design, engineering, procurement, and construction. These form the basis for the trusted digital twin with the early design of assets. By ensuring consistency and avoiding rework you can reduce project Total Installed Costs by up to 10%.

Addressing challenges in:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Process simulation
  • Delivery
  • Workforce empowerment


Operational Continuity

AVEVA Insight delivers everything you need to operate, improve and maintain your production output. Uniting multiple systems including IIoT and Edge to gain the visibility and collaboration needed to remove operational silos and ensure operational continuity.

Addressing challenges in:

  • Process analysis and production performance
  • Asset reliability
  • Process optimization
  • Value chain optimization
  • Remote access and mobility
  • Workforce collaboration


Information Management

The AVEVA Cloud infrastructure also provides an end-to-end information layer that provides a unifying thread across your engineering and operational lifecycles. Complete with innovative cloud-based training and simulation solutions your people will be prepared for the real world safely and efficiently. Everyone – users, clients, vendors, subcontractors, even the CEO – now has accurate, easy-to-digest information at their fingertips.

Addressing challenges in:

  • Asset information management
  • Standardization of unstructured data
  • Operator training
  • Onboarding and upskilling

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Your Digital Transformation Hub

With its open, system agnostic architecture and flexible pricing, AVEVA Cloud is not just for the “big end of town”. It also offers perfectly scalable options that suit single and multi-site deployments. Easily adopt the digital services you need, when and where you need them. 

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