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Power and Utilities

The shift from Time-Based Maintenance towards Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) in Power highlights the importance of detecting potential failure at the ...

Asset Performance

When executed effectively, asset performance management can enable dramatic improvements in a company’s ability to achieve overall corporate objectives. A well ...

Oil and Gas

Production can increase either by developing new fields or improving asset uptime in existing fields, but asset downtime due to facility maintenance – planned ...

Operate and Optimise

Preconfigured Manufacturing Execution System (MES) workflows and user interface forms help shorten the time to deploy MES solutions with reusable best ...


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Food and Beverage, CPG

IIoT implementation is increasingly prevalent in the food and beverage industry. It's easy to see why the pick-up has been so swift. The food and beverage ...

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Engineer, Procure, Construct

EPC 4.0 means taking control of your data, it means empowering your workforce, and it means reduced costs, reduced delays, and a safer workplace!


AVEVA Insight and InTouch Edge HMI present next-level HMI connectivity in the IIoT space.

Asset Performance

For smart utilities to successfully adopt digital transformation they must embrace new autonomous assets and adopt a new way of performing work. Predictive ...

Asset Performance

Implementing new technology is inherent in digital transformation. But qualifying new technology like predictive analytics and implementing it into production ...


The cloud is a critical element to any digital transformation strategy but what are the benefits to industrial operations ? From consolidating data, to making ...


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