5 Point Cloud Data Challenges You Need to Solve Now

Thoughts from the 3D data capture frontier

Posted: May 22, 2018

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5 Point Cloud Data Challenges You Need to Solve Now

Thoughts from the 3D data capture frontier

The laser scanning market is projecting 14.9% annual growth to 2023, according to a report from Transparency Market Research. This shows how far 3D data capture has come in the past two decades and where it’s going.

This change is driven by a range of new devices that surveying professionals and end users are exploring to sustain growth and boost their operational efficiency.

Traditional terrestrial laser scanners are no longer the go-to tool.

New technologies such as UAV-mounted and handheld scanners have opened new avenues for surveyors to capture live survey data. These tools have cut acquisition costs and increased the coverage of data captured in a scan, this data is known as point cloud data.

What are the challenges?

As a direct result of this positive market change, handling and controlling the data available becomes a key issue. As a customer, you face five key data challenges:

  1. Data Formats
    Every new device on the market can present data in a new form. When you are registering and processing new scans into a dataset, you now need to bring together data in different formats from different devices. This is not always an easy task. 
  2. Massive data

    Point clouds can now scan huge assets more cheaply. New devices also offer broader coverage from a single scan. This creates tens of thousands of data points. These are cumbersome to handle and harmonise across your entire enterprise. It can also be difficult to share massive data between project partners.

  3. Interoperability
    You invest considerable amounts of time and money in selecting the right engineering software and training your team to use it. So, your new technology needs to fit with your existing software set so that makes it easier for your teams to work together. In practice, this kind of integration is not always easy.
  4. Accessibility

    Everybody involved in the lifecycle of an asset can benefit from access to point cloud data. But fragmented datasets in different formats can make this difficult, as I have explained above. 

  5. Ownership
    Who owns point cloud data? In the past, EPCs and the contractors who capture the data become custodians of the information. But asset operators can use point cloud data throughout the asset lifecycle: for safety, training, asset visualisation and even for brownfield projects with new contractors.

How can you solve these challenges?

Today, industry is no longer worried about how to capture scan data, but how to use these massive datasets most effectively. Used the right way, they can help you to build your competitive edge.

Ensure you get off on the right foot by establishing a clear point cloud data strategy. This can help you find your right answer to the five challenges above. At AVEVA, we believe that the ‘Trusted Living Pointcloud’ helps to solve many of the challenges of integration, data ownership and interoperability. 

What is a Trusted Living Pointcloud?



Is your asset data under control?

Did you know the average brownfield project overruns its budget by 15% in rework alone? This is primarily due to incorrect or missing measurement data.

Precise, laser scan data can cut rework costs to less than 1%.  That same scan data can be re-used throughout your asset's lifecycle. Read our complimentary white paper and discover

  • How data challenges can affect asset efficiency
  • How laser scan technology works
  • What a Trusted Living Pointcloud is
  • How laser scan technology can improve operational efficiency and help you manage your costs

Read the Paper Now

Discover more about the Trusted Living Pointcloud by registering for our on demand webinar.

Gary Farrow will explain how it works in practice and the challenges you could be solving

Duration: 1 Hour Facebook

Written By
Gary Farrow

VP Global Product Sales IM, LFM, Schematics A global expert in laser scan technology, Gary has been involved in 3D laser scanning since its inception in the late 1990s, initially undertaking projects delivering data and 3D models. These included ground-breaking work with Volvo and a huge scanning project for Fluor/TCO in Kazakhstan. This early involvement gave Gary an insight into the fundamental requirements of efficient 3D data capture hardware, processes and most importantly software. Today, now part of AVEVA, Gary works closely with companies in many industries undertaking digital transformation journeys to help them to take ownership of their critical engineering and 3D information. Gary has a Mechanical Engineering background.

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