5 Signs It’s Time to evaluate an Operations Management Platform

Posted: June 11, 2020

AVEVA System Platform, formerly Wonderware

5 Signs It’s Time to evaluate an Operations Management Platform

How many screw drivers or hammers do you really need? If you’re an I.T. person responsible for managing critical infrastructure applications, life would be a lot easier if you can reduce to just 1 platform!

AVEVA System Platform, formerly Wonderware is the only purpose-built platform for Supervisory, SCADA, MES and Industrial IoT applications. As part of our Edge to Enterprise strategy, it equips your organization with unparalleled engineering simplicity, unmatched operational agility, real-time actionable intelligence and enterprise-wide standards compliance.


But just as important though, it equips you with choice in terms of technical and commercial flexibility.

To learn more about the advantages of AVEVA System Platform 2020, join the upcoming June 25th, 2020 webinar.

However, identifying when your organization is ready to update or upgrade to operations management platform isn’t always so cut and dry. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five signs that it’s time for your organization to implement modern operations platform.

Let’s get to it.

1. Your organization plans to expand and become more geographically dispersed, but the lack of process standardization is threatening your output quality and consistency.

Essentially, it’s time to make sure everyone is on the same page. Standardization of operating practices is key to ensuring future success in terms of growth and stability. When your processes and HMI applications are standardized, you can easily cross-train operators which leads to output consistency, faster training, and success across the board.

By deploying consistent best practices that are provided out of the box, AVEVA System Platform supports your ability to set and improve operational standards. Additionally, data management, analysis and reporting can be made available at all levels of your organization. The resulting decisions based on shared information can be quickly and easily communicated throughout your organization, leading to standardized processes.

In addition, the latest 2020 release expands on this with following new capabilities:

Cloud management of Industrial Graphics
Value: Promote standardization and re-usability across various teams, sites etc.
Value: Increase collaboration. Allow for remote resources to be utilized for application building and deployment (centralize expertise)

New OMI Apps
Value: The A.I. Newsfeed App build artificial intelligence into the context of real-time decision making at the HMI SCADA level by automatically detecting of application anomalies facilitating a standardized process handling.
Value: The PLC Logic Viewer App empowers Techs to trouble-shooting PLC lock-ups by visualizing runtime PLC controller logic without any additional software

2. You want to maximize investments in your current tech stack, but an SI or distributor is recommending a full rip and replace.

A full rip and replace can be overwhelming. AVEVA System Platform is the only world-class industrial platform that doesn’t confine your operations to a limited technology stack. Operating hardware from multiple vendor with multiple data inputs in multiple locations around the globe is what System Platform is designed to do. It’s a system-agnostic industrial platform that frees your organization to operate a best-of-breed portfolio that supports accelerated growth.

In addition, the latest 2020 release expands on this with following new capabilities:

Support for.NET controls and scripting in OMI

Value: Re-use of existing engineering investments .NET controls and 3rd party libraries
Value: Enhanced User Experience customization & extensibility of runtime displays

3. You operate multiple disparate industrial application technologies, and custom application development is killing your engineering efficiency.

AVEVA allows you to create and deploy plug-and-play visual applications across any PLC/RTU, mobile device or operating system. By providing a comprehensive set of out-of-box content for building custom HMI application screens, your engineers can create dynamic responsive visualizations that are consistent across your device screens–no matter their shape, size or manufacturer. Plus, by setting the same HMI standards across each device, it actually promotes greater operator familiarity and efficiency.

In addition, the latest 2020 release expands on this with following new capabilities:
Support Industrial Graphics in stand-alone AVEVA InTouch, AVEVA OMI, AVEVA Edge and AVEVA Connect

Value: Consistency of single graphics technology across entire AVEVA portfolio
Value: Build Once, Deploy Anywhere! New common graphics drive standardization and re-use across on-premise, cloud and mobile without re-training on visualization technology

4. You’re generating massive amounts of data at the ground level, but your organization isn’t equipped to share and analyze that data across the corporate level.

AVEVA System Platform is a true IT/OT convergence platform that enables you to integrate your new and existing operational and IT systems into a single unified visualization client, providing business insights, integrated analytics and unified KPI’s in context with operational data. This integrated solution simplifies the configuration and movement of data across IT and OT domains, giving you the ability to connect plant assets with control systems, decision making systems and business systems. Simply put, a system agnostic platform will close the communication gap between field level data users, remote workforces, and stakeholders at the corporate level.

In addition, the latest 2020 release expands on this with following new capabilities:
Unlimited Scalability through AVEVA Flex - no constraints on IO; unlimited RDP, web and mobile clients

Value: Large Enterprises need the ability to add on users access without any pains of procurement cycles (time and money)
Value: Empowering roaming, mobile Techs with visibility on their phone and tablets devices leveraging mobile Apps
Value: Support for large IIoT applications that require support of expansive amounts of data collected

OPC UA Server & MQTT SparkPlug support

Value: Universal connectivity with ability publish any IIoT data to cloud or any other business system
Value: Extending System Platform’s publish subscribe communication down to IIoT edge devices and reducing bandwidth utilization by 95%

5. Competing in your industry requires agility, but your current processes and technologies are ill-equipped to facilitate rapid change management.

AVEVA System Platform enables you to leverage and mirror your project’s plant model without additional configuration or scripting. This keeps all systems running seamlessly, and allows engineers to keep up with your organization’s ever-changing needs. With the adoption and use of templates, an application developer can greatly decrease time to production by planning the best practices for a project up front. They will be able to easily update applications with a single mouse click.

In addition, the latest 2020 release expands on this with following new capabilities:
Engineering performance improvement of check-in time (propagation of changes to instances/objects)

Value: Engineering efficiency driving concurrent development across developers
Value: Enable Operations to drive to continuous iterative improvement; change management

IIoT Edge Management leveraging AVEVA Edge

Value: Reduce total cost of ownership for device and application lifecycle management (easier deployment, maintenance, updating configuration, built-in version control)
Value: Enables new source of revenue to OEMs and system builders to provides services that enables remote application monitoring of IIoT devices

These aren’t the only signs that it may be time to consider an operations management platform, but if any of these sound familiar, join us in the upcoming June 25th 2020 webinar.

Written By
Omer Qadri

Omer has 15+ years experience evangelizing the power of software in Industrial Automation, Enterprise software and SaaS applications.

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