Ampla Operations Management | Staying at home? - engage remotely with built-in cloud features

Connect your production management teams to collaborate and act on critical events in real time.

Posted: May 7, 2020


Staying at Home? Engage with site remotely thanks to Ampla’s built-in cloud features.

There’s never been a better time to take advantage of remote collaboration features.

Enjoy digital  team collaboration wherever you are

Are you using Slack or Microsoft Teams for collaboration? Did you know that Ampla can automatically update teams when events occur, such as a critical equipment failure, allowing your experts to collaborate and act immediately wherever they are?

Imagine that your Mining and Processing managers are members of an #IntegratedOps channel in Microsoft Teams. Ampla can automatically posts a message to the channel when the ROM stockpile is too low, allowing them to collaborate immediately and in real-time on what action to take. No missed opportunities, no finding out on a shift handover report when it’s too late, no phone calls or emails.

How? Ampla Operations Management 2018 (7.0) and later publishes natively to Microsoft Power Automate, which integrates seamlessly with hundreds of business applications – many of which you would be using today. If your business uses Microsoft Office 365, you likely already have access to Microsoft Power Automate!

remote collaboration

Publish production data for viewing in browsers and on mobile devices

Also, Ampla Operations Management 2018 (7.0) and later publishes natively to AVEVA Insight, our cloud operational and production data platform. With AVEVA Insight, you can visualise your Ampla production data and KPIs in real-time, view live dashboards from anywhere, and even set rules for push notifications to your mobile devices.

Cloud technology makes remote collaboration easy  -  when you would like to enable the above features for your production management teams, please get in contact with our Ampla Operations Management software team of experts.


Written By
Michael Schwarz

Michael Schwarz is the MES/MOM Software Senior Product Marketing Manager at AVEVA. Michael is responsible for the commercialization and go-to-market for the MES/MOM, Recipe & Batch Management and Manufacturing Operations Software for Mining, Minerals and Metals Industries.

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Staying at Home? Engage with site remotely thanks to Ampla’s built-in cloud features.

Cloud features in Ampla Operations Management software enable remote collaboration for production management teams

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