Improve Food and Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods Operational Efficiency with Predictive Analytics and Augmented Reality

Exceed reliability, safety and performance goals, with a holistic approach spanning strategy, analysis and execution

Posted: October 17, 2018

Asset Performance

Improve Food and Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods Operational Efficiency with Predictive Analytics and Augmented Reality

Assets are the heart of the business in any manufacturing operation. And this is certainly true for food and beverage and consumer packaged goods manufacturers. Managing assets effectively is critical in addressing the rising market challenges food and beverage and consumer packaged goods manufacturers face in the industry. Especially in a world where technology is constantly changing and new competitors are entering the market every day.

iot-value-food-beverage-industryTo exceed reliability, safety and performance goals, food and beverage and consumer packaged goods manufacturing companies need to look beyond production and process software, and into innovative technologies such as predictive asset analytics, augmented and virtual reality, and mobile workforce enablement solutions.

Today, these solutions are gaining a lot of traction in the food and beverage and consumer packaged goods industry. Learn more about how food and beverage and consumer packaged goods companies are leveraging these new technologies in the recent webinar AVEVA conducted with Food Engineering Magazine. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to increase longevity and performance of assets while ensuring a safe and reliable environment for your workforce. You’ll understand the diverse types of analytics and which to deploy based on your application requirements. And you’ll hear case studies on other industrial companies implementing augmented reality/virtual reality, mobile solutions and predictive analytics for maximum return on asset investment



To maintain competitiveness, food and beverage and consumer packaged goods manufacturers may consider adopting Asset Performance Management, a holistic solution for managing assets and equipment that spans strategy, analysis and execution. Asset Performance Management helps manufacturers fulfil KPIs such as overall equipment effectiveness, first-pass yield and delivery on time and in full.

Using tools within Asset Performance Management like predictive asset analytics, food and beverage and consumer packaged goods manufacturers are able to ensure equipment reliability and fewer unplanned machine starts and stops. With a reduction in stop/start cycles, manufactures can also reduce  quality problems during a production run and ensure customer orders are “on time and in full”. Predictive analytics identifies a potential equipment breakdown weeks and even months before it occurs, allowing for ample reaction time to rectify the issue that is threatening to cause the breakdown.

Besides monitoring standalone equipment health, predictive analytics can also be applied to monitor a production line operation. For instance, personnel can more accurately determine when to shut down and restart a particular production equipment due to packaging equipment’s inefficiency by measuring the amount of product entering, leaving and within the process. This allows for activities such as equipment maintenance or materials preparations to be carried out during these planned stops.  Predictive analytics can provide improved visibility into line performance and batch execution, providing better insight for overall batch management.

Food and Beverage

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are new tools manufacturers are beginning to deploy as part of their maintenance strategy. AR enables virtual imageries and step-by-step instructions to be overlaid onto actual equipment as viewed through a mobile phone or tablet camera; providing visual guidance for the maintenance and operations teams. This tool provides maintenance teams real time reporting capabilities of asset health and maintenance status, with corrective actions and procedures available on the fly.

By empowering the workforce with such immersive visual guidance, the potential for mistakes that could damage equipment, delay repairs, compromise quality or even food safety are greatly minimised, and is especially useful for less experienced personnel or for infrequent tasks.  On the user experience front, AR delivers interactivity and contextualized guidance, provides intelligence and promotes collaboration.

Concepts like OEE and solutions like MES software were only the beginning for food and beverage and consumer packaged goods companies. There’s a full suite of innovation solutions coming to market that are enabling manufactures to digitally transform how they run their businesses and achieve operational excellence. You can learn more about the digital transformation manufacturers are embracing and how smart manufacturing is rapidly changing the food and beverage and consumer packaged goods industry in our whitepaper: A Strategic Guide to Digital Transformation.

Written By
Matt Newton | Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager

Matt is a Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager at AVEVA. With over 15 years of experience in the technology sector as an applications and systems engineer, Matt has extensive experience in supporting embedded platforms, automation systems, wired and wireless networking, network security technologies, and the Industrial Internet of Things.

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