China HQCEC uses AVEVA Solutions to Design World’s Largest Coal Liquefaction Construction Plant

China HQCEC uses AVEVA Solutions

Posted: October 22, 2017

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China HQCEC uses AVEVA Solutions to Design World’s Largest Coal Liquefaction Construction Plant

Situated in the hi-tech heart of China’s Ningdong Energy Chemical Industry Park, the world’s largest indirect liquefaction processing facility covers 2.8 square miles and required an investment of US$100 billion. Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Ltd chose HQCEC* to engineer and design the plant using AVEVA PDMS.

"This national demonstration project is a landmark event for China's coal oil and chemical industry,” said Zhongyang Li, chief engineer at HQCEC.

The ecology-friendly Ningdong chemical industry base has superior coal, land, water and communications resources. The Shenhua project includes a coal gasification plant, a synthetic oil plant, catalyst plant, and installations for all other processes. 

The upstream module has a staggering output of 4 million tons of oil per year. The downstream module uses 1 million tons of naphtha and other olefin production – produced by the upstream project – to make fine chemical products. The system is huge and working conditions are complex.

AVEVA PDMS designs 13,450 process pipelines

China HQCEC used AVEVA PDMS to design 13,450 process pipelines and 2,400 pieces of equipment. In operations, the ethylene cracking furnace tube reaches 1100℃ at 0.5MPa internal pressure, so calculating creep stress is critical. Thanks to AVEVA’s Plant Design Management System CEASAR II was able to plug into PDMS models for pressure analysis.

Handover from HQCEC to Shenhua 

“We saved RMB 3.5 million Yuan (US$500 000) for the project owner,” says HQCEC’s chief engineer. “By keeping costs within budget, we achieved 100 percent satisfaction feedback from the client.”

AVEVA is now working with both owner, Shenhua, and designer, HQCEC, for digital and plant handover using AVEVA Net and other AVEVA software. 
Want to learn more about AVEVA solutions? Download our free "End of Handover" report.

* Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corp 

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