Embark on your Digital Transformation Journey in Manufacturing

Digital transformation in manufacturing offers reduced IT/OT cost and new ROI opportunities by aligning people and processes with digital technologies to provide both operational and business improvements.

Posted: December 20, 2018

Operate and Optimise

Embark on your Digital Transformation Journey in Manufacturing

Digital technologies are rapidly changing many aspects of our life including how we communicate, how we experience products and services, and how we consume them.

Digital technologies similarly continue to change how we work, how businesses are run and how they deliver added value. Digital business transformation is a requirement to sustain a competitive business by applying the accelerating impact of digital technology to business processes, operations and models, for efficiency and profitability improvements, and for creating new customer experiences and business opportunities.

Digital Maturity in Manufacturing

In Manufacturing operations, we can think of digital transformation as a maturity model to further align people and processes with digital technologies, increasing the capabilities and reducing the cost to continuously improve operational efficiency and effectiveness towards operational excellence.

A plant might have started with process automation using digital control systems, and the gains of productivity and repeatability that it brings.

The next step is the use of information technologies and software applications to replace paperwork and improve the efficiency of operational activities around material, production, quality and asset management on the shop floor.

The return on information technology used for manufacturing operations management (MOM) are based on improvements in cost and quality enabled by applications such as manufacturing execution systems (MES), which are tailored to address specific functional and real-time information management needs in plant operations.

Traditional MES benefits

Average deployment benefits reported by AVEVA's Manufacturing Execution System users.

Advancing technology offers new ROI Opportunities

Technology is continuously evolving and offers lower cost of IT/OT ownership and the industrial adoption of advanced technologies for new operational excellence initiative opportunities.

Digital transformation in manufacturing embraces many of the same aspects of the broader global business transformation, including digital transformation of operational processes and collaboration across organisations and functional domains.

MOT maturity

Multi-site enterprises are changing to a broader, transformative view of manufacturing to discover significant and unique ROI opportunities for their business:

  • Reduced TCO for Enterprise Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) - savings are not just in the software and template development, but in infrastructure, hardware and procurement
  • Operational Excellence - lean and continuous improvement cultures need to share best practices and consistent KPIs across the enterprise
  • Regulatory Compliance - A consistent, documented approach minimizes risk
  • Business Agility - A connected enterprise, visualization, and accessibility of information increases ability to innovate faster

Watch the video for an explanation how a model driven MES approach enables the digital transformation of best practices for reuse, sustainable standardisation and continuous improvement in plant and multi-site operations.


How to Get Started with your Digital Transformation Journey

Digital technology adoption is not the target of this journey – A business' strategic priorities define the actions, roadmap and focus for increasing the digital capabilities and digital maturity level in manufacturing operations.

The roadmap must include a broader view to digital and business transformation and establish a sustainable platform that can growth and adopt digital capabilities and business change over time.

Stay tuned to this blog series as we explore how to unlock the full business value of a manufacturing enterprise through standardisation and implementation of consistent processes and information models across the business.


AVEVA combines world class industrial software products and know-how with the extensive expertise of our partner Ecosystem to deliver reusable and sustainable manufacturing operations management and MES solutions which enables industries to transform plant and multi-site operations.

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Written By
Keith Chambers

Keith Chambers is responsible for strategic direction, commercialization and development for AVEVA's operations management portfolio globally. Keith has over 20 years’ experience in the automation, software and MES business with a focus on manufacturing operations software in the food and beverage, CPG and life sciences industries.

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