Embrace the IIoT, Starting with Cloud-ready HMI

Posted: November 15, 2018

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Embrace the IIoT, Starting with Cloud-ready HMI

As businesses look to implement new strategies to increase the efficiency of their process and gain insight into their data, they generally begin with two distinct but complementary methods for digital transformation: The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and the Cloud.

While these words are occasionally used interchangeably, they represent very different aspects of the digital transformation process.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to devices that were not traditionally connected to the internet but now are. These may include edge devices, or internet-enables devices like sensors, embedded machines, or components. This connectivity can provide new ways of overcoming traditional challenges and offers the entire organization a fuller dataset – a key pillar of any “smart” automation process.

The Cloud is where this data comes together. The cloud refers to a network of remote servers where data can be aggregated and stored. Businesses may use the cloud to visualize data, create high-level dashboards that give an overview of operations, or even take advantage of the vast processing power of networked servers to use artificial intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning to analyze the data gathered from the IIoT. The cloud also enables data and content to be accessed from web-enabled devices such as desktop, tablet, smart phones and even wearables.

These two digital transformation strategies together offer a way to leverage the ability to collect enormous amounts of data and interpret the information in ways that improve efficiency, enable real-time business decisions, maintain equipment, and reduce waste.

InTouch Edge HMI and AVEVA Insight

AVEVA’s portfolio offers unlimited capabilities for IIoT and Cloud adoption. With InTouch Edge HMI it’s possible to run an HMI on machines as small as a Raspberry Pi, or scale up to plantwide SCADA. This scalability makes it possible to bring all the data from a huge array of disparate devices into a single HMI and send everything to the cloud, or simply act as a data gateway for a digital mesh of industrial devices. InTouch Edge HMI offers a native communication driver for MQTT, a growing standard for IIoT, as well as over 250 additional drivers for every major manufacturer of PLC and controller. InTouch Edge HMI is easy to publish to the web as well, making it possible to access the HMI from any HTML5 compatible browser.

AVEVA Insight delivers the critical cloud portion of the digital transformation equation. By collecting the data from the HMI or other source, Insight uses machine learning and AI to visualize real-time and historical data and anticipate future performance. Users can then access actionable information wherever and whenever they need it, which enables better, faster decisions across the organization. Taking advantage of modern interfaces, intuitive search, and user-defined dashboards and alerts means that the experience is tailored to today’s changing workforce.

Unlock the Power of the AVEVA Portfolio

The key value of combining IIoT and the Cloud using InTouch Edge HMI and AVEVA Insight is the breadth of the portfolio and the seamless integration that makes configuration incredibly simple and easy. The ability to connect disparate systems using InTouch Edge HMI and the ability to collect and interpret this data in Insight offers the easiest way to adopt IIoT and Cloud technologies as part of a digital transformation strategy.

In addition, the AVEVA portfolio offers a vast range of HMI and SCADA software solutions that make it possible to custom tailor projects to any size or budget. Use Insight with InTouch HMI, System Platform, or Citect SCADA. No matter which HMI/SCADA software you use, the power of the cloud and IIoT capabilities are at your fingertips.

How to Take IIoT and the Cloud for a Test Drive

Want to try these solutions before making your decision? You can download a free copy of InTouch Edge HMI and take advantage of 40 free hours of development time, or explore the live demo of Insight and sign-up for the free 45 day trial today.

Written By
Melinda Corley

Melinda Corley is the product marketing manager for InTouch Edge HMI. She has spent nearly ten years in the automation software industry.

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