Guide to a Digital Shipyard

Integration can boost your efficiency

Posted: November 26, 2018


Guide to a Digital Shipyard

Reduce project costs and time to deliver

Every shipyard works toward an efficient production. The objective is to build high-quality products faster and cheaper; and for this, integration is key. The ability to access your data when you need it while being 100% confident in the accuracy of the information is a guarantee to have better and more agile shipbuilding processes.

We at AVEVA talk a lot about integration and about the dramatic benefits it brings to the shipbuilding business, but you might wonder if this is true or even possible to achieve.

The first reaction we usually hear is – this must be over expensive! It will be difficult to implement within my team! We are not ready yet! Those beliefs are wrong, and we are proving it.

However, the shipbuilding industry is actually going through a digital transformation and integration is part of this shift called industry 4.0. The result is a smart, integrated and digital shipyard, but more importantly, it is becoming more efficient. If you don’t get ready, if you don’t take profit of the technologies available, how do you plan to survive.

First step to a digital shipyard

The industry needs tools that are tailor built specifically for shipbuilding purpose, but this is not enough any longer. Now those tools must be truly integrated in order to remove sources of human errors in transmitting, copying, modifying the information. Further than that, modern tools must allow a soft implementation, without disrupting the core activity of producing ships. And finally, those tools must provide a tangible return of investment. This is what drives our motivation and our efforts to deliver truly integrated solutions, and to ever continue to improve in this direction.

Only one provider with real shipbuilding expertise, less headaches, less maintenance. At AVEVA we offer a solution that was born in a shipyard, built by shipbuilder for shipbuilders, and that covers all of your core activities in an integrated manner.

You think it is too expensive? At AVEVA, integration comes for free! Our solutions natively include the mechanisms to integrate the data and the processes from various departments, teams, sub-contractors and vendors.

You think it is to complex? With AVEVA, integration can go step-by-step. You don’t have to make the big jump at once. You can start with just one team, one discipline or one department, which means those will already benefit from the great level of integration within their group. And later on, you can decide to extend to other parties or departments, based on your own capacity.

The right support throughout your journey

It is unbelievable to see how many shipyards still have their 1D, 2D and 3D design tools disconnect, and this is so simple to get it right. To go further with this, production with different ERP systems that doesn’t talk the shipyard language and are not natively connected to the engineering system also add to the inefficiency and costs. We see more and more customers implementing our integrated solutions, combining engineering and design tools with our ERM solution (Enterprise Resource Management) and their benefits are huge. You can hear testimonies from them at AVEVA customer events.

In our last marine user meeting, Saab Kockums shared their journey to “integrated shipbuilding”. They are a great example of how you can implement the solutions step by step. Watch Saab Kockums’ presentation to find out more about the challenges they’ve faced, the solutions they had, and the benefits they got.

With an integrated and efficient shipbuilding process you can deliver projects within shorter lead-time and within lower budget. Check out our Integrated Shipbuilding demo to see how this is possible.

Don’t stay behind! Get in contact with our team of marine experts, talk to them and start your digital transformation connecting your teams.

Written By
Gauthier Stonestreet

Gauthier Stonestreet holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and naval architecture. He began his career as a naval engineer in both design and production departments working for several shipyards. He joined AVEVA in 2008, providing customer support to many European shipyards, before becoming Product Strategy Manager for AVEVA’s marine software portfolio.

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