Implementing a digital strategy, designed for shipyards

Posted: February 22, 2019


Implementing a digital strategy, designed for shipyards

Today, there are many technologies available that allow businesses to create innovative solutions, new ways to do business, and new products and services.

Shipyards are starting to digitally transform their businesses to stay competitive and to be able to support ship owners’ requirements of more complex vessels, delivered quickly, cheaply, and with an ever higher digital spec.

In A Sea of Change - The Future is now, we discussed Imabari Shipbuilding’s digital transformation and Lamprell’s journey towards a single source of information using detailed digital twins. These are just two examples of digital strategies that companies have adopted to increase their efficiency, profitability and add greater value to their customers.

But with so many moving parts to a shipbuilding business, with so many tight deadlines and tight margins, how do you stay on top of present commitments, while also investing in your future? How do you choose and implement a digital strategy that is right for your business?

How to implement a success digital transformation strategy

To discuss how companies can choose and implement a digital strategy that is right for them, we spoke to David Thompson, our Improvements Evangelist, and asked him some tough questions.

In our webinar, Route to a Digital Shipyard, David explains how you can achieve a successful digital transformation and why integrated processes play an important part in your digital transformation strategy.

Webinar-Route to a digital shipyard

The webinar also covers:

Digital, not disruptive, transformation

  • What digitalisation means and how it is changing businesses by creating “smart systems” within, and between, engineering, production, and services.
  • Digital transformation initiatives specific to shipbuilding, including generative and automated design, and the ongoing optimisation of multi-site production, platform-based design and configured products.
  • How to transform your business digitally, without disrupting current operations.

The key challenges of digital transformation

  • How to take control of your data and best manage all of the information needed for efficient digital transformation.
  • Why it is increasingly important to have effective communication and collaboration, and how to achieve this, especially as more core engineering tasks are being transferred to contractors and specialists’ turnkey suppliers.

Digital transformation best practices

  • How organisations that support shipbuilding process are changing from “functional siloes” to full “ecosystems”.
  • How the IT landscape that supports shipbuilding is changing from management of files and documents towards networks of information and platforms that support the transfer of information between these ecosystems.

AVEVA’s building blocks for digital transformation

  • Understand the role of AVEVA in your digital transformation journey. Learn how the collaboration between 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D works within the context of AVEVA’s software.
  • Discover AVEVA’s new portfolio following the merge between AVEVA and Schneider Electric Software last year.

Digital transformation should be strategic, step-by-step, allowing businesses to work smarter by removing silos and moving into a collaborative and integrated ecosystem.

This way, you will not only survive the downturns, but you will be able to grow, even when the rough seas start.

Discover your best route to a digital shipyard – watch the webinar now!

Written By
Aline Bezzera

Aline Bezerra is global industry marketing manager for AVEVA solutions within the marine industry. Passionate about technology, she is supporting organizations on their Digital Transformation journey.

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Implementing a digital strategy, designed for shipyards

Today, there are many technologies available that allow businesses to create innovative solutions, new ways to do business, and new products and services. ...

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