Innovation Hub helping you to connect

A first hand look from the AVEVA World Summit

Posted: December 19, 2018


Innovation Hub helping you to connect

Back in October I had the privilege to be involved in one of our global customer events, I say privilege, not because they are held in comfortable hotels and feature interesting keynote speakers but simply because they are a chance to connect in the richest way we know, face to face

This year I was involved in the organisation of the Innovation Hub and the Marine track giving me a unique opportunity to connect behind the scenes with my new colleagues from the former Schneider Electric Software to develop ideas for how we present ourselves and of course figure out how we can use the combined software portfolio to create new solutions and innovations that ultimately address the biggest challenges our customers face. There was a fantastic energy in this backstage work as we all realised just how complimentary our teams and solutions are, which I am sure came across to our customers.

The AVEVA World Summit allows our customers to connect with AVEVA on several levels. They can connect with us as an organisation, to understand, first hand who we are and where we are going by seeing what our leadership has to say and how they say it. They can connect with us as a technology provider to get their hands on our technology and talk to our technical experts about their digitalisation challenges and needs. And of course, they can connect to our other customers to understand how they have used our software to gain a competitive advantage, and how they are dealing with the global challenges that face their industries.

This year's AVEVA world summit was no exception, our executives were there in force, setting out a vision for the new AVEVA and establishing our new position as a global provider in  the complete lifecycle of industrial assets, however they were joined this year by Jean-Pascal Tricoire, the CEO of Schneider Electric which is not only an industry giant leading the way in Digital Transformation, in the same industries we serve, but of course our majority shareholder.


AWS_Innovation Hub

Our Innovation Hub provided a spectacular setting to get to know our products and technical experts. The layout showcased on one side, the horizontal capabilities we have across many industries, such as our Digital Project Execution portfolio and our Asset Performance Management capabilities. And on the other half, my personal favourite, the complete value chains we can provide in an industry vertical with a combination of software solutions and our consultancy services.

Our centrepiece this year was a new integrated Operations Management Interface which brought together real-time operations data with the reference digital twin data (meta data and 3D models) from the engineering and design phase to provide exceptional decision-making support. 

AWS_Innovation Hub 1

I suspect there will be many more unique solutions like this that we will be able to offer the market in the months and years to come. Don't miss out next year!

Written By
David Thomson

David graduated from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow as a Naval Architect, moving directly into the computer aided design industry where he implemented 3D design software in over 20 shipyards. He moved onto a consulting role in IBM Germany where he implemented and consulted leading engineering companies on Product Lifecycle Management systems. Now 10 years at AVEVA David has held a variety of roles focusing on information management, lifecycle management, strategy and Innovation.

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Innovation Hub helping you to connect

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