Latest model-driven MES release reduces the time to value for single plant and multi-site MES roll outs

Preconfigured Manufacturing Execution System (MES) workflows and user interface forms help shorten the time to deploy MES solutions with reusable best practices.

Posted: November 28, 2018

Operate and Optimise

Latest model-driven MES release reduces the time to value for single plant and multi-site MES roll outs

We're excited to announce the first release of model-driven MES content for our Manufacturing Execution System. Two content packages are available as of October 2018 - one for work order and another for job execution management, that provide product genealogy and material traceability.

Model-driven MES content helps our customers and partners to get MES solutions up and running faster. With preconfigured workflows and related web forms for standard MES activities it is easy to dispatch a work order, execute a job, display the bill of material information or report material consumption and production results.

Our service and consulting teams are continually involved in helping our partners and customers create their individual MES models and standards for plant and multi-site deployment. This allows us to investigate the most common needs in manufacturing work processes, information models, and industry solution functionality.

We are turning identified best practices into reusable MES activity workflows and user interface models for our commercial off-the-shelf Manufacturing Execution System.

The provided MES workflow models and associated web forms are fully abstracted from the underlying application architecture and can be reused, reconfigured, extended or combined in another instance of our Workflow Management platform and Manufacturing Execution System.

Additionally, model-driven MES content includes knowledge and best practices to be shared within our partner ecosystem supporting our customers in their MES deployments.

model-driven-mes-job-execution-production-resultsJob Execution content with production results vs. target, and amount of scrap indicated

Digital transformation of operational processes improves operational efficiency, lowers ownership cost and increases return on investment for MES deployments

AVEVA’s model-driven MES approach offers digital transformation of operational processes through configurable modeling and automation of operational workflows using Business Process Management (BPM) technology.

Configurable modeling of work processes and related user interface enables sustainability, re-usability, and support for continuous improvement. This ensures lower ownership cost and reduced risk of MES project failure due to lack of flexibility after deployment.

Digital Workflow Management helps to automate operational processes, enforce best practices, and empower the modern workforce with a digital user experience to effectively and collaboratively accomplish simple or complex tasks.

See how our customer Kwik Trip improved food safety and quality management with a model-driven MES approach, and empowered their workforce through greater mobility.

model-driven-mes-form-configuration-envThe forms configuration environment gives a modern web-based user experience with a responsive layout that automatically adapts to multiple device form factors

Standartisation of  Processes, KPI’s and reporting across a multi-site manufacturing enterprise

The model driven MES approach is designed to enable multi site manufacturers to capture best practices and create libraries of reusable, corporate standard processes and data collection procedures for roll-out across the entire business. 

Once defined, these libraries can then significantly reduce effort, compared to traditional multi-site MES deployments, while achieving consistent reporting, comparable KPIs, and enforcing compliance to company-wide standards.

Export/Import functionality with sophisticated version control and governance for each individual artifact included in a workflow model supports the roll out of a new standard version, while maintaining the adoption to local plant nuances.

model-driven-mes-frameworkModel-driven MES end-to-end framework


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Written By
Michael Schwarz

Michael Schwarz is the MES/MOM Software Senior Product Marketing Manager at AVEVA. Michael is responsible for the commercialization and go-to-market for the MES/MOM, Recipe & Batch Management and Manufacturing Operations Software for Mining, Minerals and Metals Industries.

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Latest model-driven MES release reduces the time to value for single plant and multi-site MES roll outs

Preconfigured Manufacturing Execution System (MES) workflows and user interface forms help shorten the time to deploy MES solutions with reusable best ...

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