Optimizing Your Water Network Doesn't Require a $80 Billion Capital Investment

Move from reactive control to proactive management with high-fidelity modeling, simulation, and closed-loop control

Posted: February 4, 2019

Water and Wastewater

Optimizing Your Water Network Doesn't Require a $80 Billion Capital Investment

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo made headlines recently when he announced the intention to invest $2.5 billion in new clean water projects as a first step to addressing what the Governor sees as an $80 billion need in the state of New York to upgrade water systems.

Not every municipality or water district has the same resources or access to capital funds as one of the largest state governments in the United States, but many of them share the same critical challenges – aging infrastructure, unprecedented demand growth, increasing environmental pressures, and a community demanding higher water quality standards.

If massive capital upgrades are beyond reach, there is an alternative approach which uses high quality simulation and modeling of water networks, coupled with real-time information from existing sensors and SCADA systems, to give water network operators the tools they need to optimize their operations based on existing infrastructure investment.

Water network simulation and optimization unlocks a number of opportunities for operators:

  • Forecast the behavior of the water network and predict the impact of planned and unplanned events with what-if scenarios
  • Trace water quality evolution through the network by predicting the spread of contaminants or additives systemwide based on sampling locations
  • Predict and locate leaks in the system quickly, and respond with optimal tactics to minimize loss and customer impact
  • Reduce energy costs by optimizing pump operation and reservoir levels based on fluctuating demand
  • Calculate optimal network pressures to prevent bursting while maintaining required service levels.
  • Integrate modeling with real-time SCADA, alarming, and workflow management systems to increase response time to emergency situations

Water Network Optimization infographic

A number of AVEVA customers in Scandinavia are leading the way in the use of water network simulation and optimization to reduce their operating costs while enhancing their ability to meet customer demands.   The City of Oslo is modeling over 1,550 kilometres of water pipes in order to obtain a real-time overview of their water network.  In Kalundborg, Denmark, the water operator is leveraging AVEVA’s Aquis Water Network Management solution to move from a “hunch-based” decision-making process to one based on facts presented in real-time.  VCS Denmark has done the same thing in Odense where a 150-year old water utility is now operating with a greater sense of security based on modeling and simulation results.  In Ølgod, Denmark, Aquis is being used to predict the changing direction of flow in a ring-connected supply network and predict contaminant levels when a pollution event occurs.  In every case, the water utility has benefited from greater visibility into the present and future behavior of their network.

To learn more about how AVEVA’s Aquis Water Network Management and Water Network Optimization solutions can help address your water network challenges without a massive capital upgrade cost, please visit our Water and Wastewater industry webpage for more information.




Written By
Jarrett Campbell

W. Jarrett Campbell, Ph.D., is the Global Industry Marketing Leader for Smart Infrastructure at AVEVA where he is responsible for helping practitioners understand the value of AVEVA's engineering and industrial software solutions for the Smart Cities, Water and Wastewater, Data Centres, Transportation and Smart Airports, and Building, Facility, and Campus Management markets. Jarrett holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and completed his undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech. He has 20+ years of experience in applying and marketing industrial automation and software in the Semiconductor, Machinery, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, and Power Industries and holds over a dozen patents in the manufacturing and industrial automation fields. Dr. Campbell was recognized as a Certified Strategic Alliance Professional by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals and has collaborated in the Smart Infrastructure market with companies like Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM. In his spare time, Jarrett's hobbies include Home Automation, Cycling, Soccer, and Pop Culture.

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