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Oil and Gas

Many producers have started looking to IIoT to help them navigate through the digital evolution and create a competitive edge for their operations.


IoT Internet of Things has provided increased ability to connect, measure and analyze variety of behavioral statistics for midstream pipeline operations.

Oil and Gas

Oil companies must continue to make investments in improving operational efficiencies to sustain and improve their profitability.

Digital Transformation

Learn how to apply impacting digital technologies in ethylene production plant design and operations for higher profitability.


An insider’s view on America’s turbulent Steel Market.

Engineer, Procure, Construct

As a direct result of positive change in the 3D data capture market, handling and controlling the point cloud data available becomes a key issue. Here are the ...

Master the future of industry with Digital Transformation Explore What's New <>
Digital Transformation

With digital transformation of people established as the next big thing, the question is, what will the implications be for businesses? There are two main ...


An insider’s view on America’s turbulent Steel Market.


AVEVA Insight: Surprising use cases for using non-traditional and IoT data sources with your industrial information management platform. How Extend by Auth0 ...


AVEVA Insight: Libelium adds native connectivity to its IoT Gateway Meshlium for enhanced integration with Insight powered by Wonderware Online. Users can now ...


Jen Rizzo discusses why integrated, robust, comprehensive tools designed by shipyards for shipyards are trusted by leading ship builders.

Power and Utilities

AVEVA's new report on digtalisation in the power sector benchmarks industry executives' views on how digital tools are boosting efficiency in power plants.

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