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Asset Performance

There is a lot of interest in advanced analytics to inform better decisions and make additional revenue.

Engineer, Procure, Construct

For decades now AVEVA’s been at the forefront of visualising the digital asset.

Oil and Gas

Situated in the hi-tech heart of China’s Ningdong Energy Chemical Industry Park, the world’s largest indirect liquefaction processing facility covers 2.8 ...

Digital Transformation

Digitalization of mine operations will be a force that transform key aspects at every step of the value chain and positively impact the bottom line.


AVEVA Insight August 2017: include alarm and events in your line charts, discover Gantt chart improvements and updates to the admin portal.

Digital Transformation

Learn how digital operations management framework enables refineries and petrochemical plants to optimize profitability.

Master the future of industry with Digital Transformation Explore What's New <>
Digital Transformation

Ongoing digital transformation has changed the way businesses operate from tracking data to using data to make decisions. The IIoT is pervasive across most ...


Administrators discover how easy it is to upload CSV files with time-series data, or meta-data, into AVEVA Insight using new drag-and-drop features.


Discover AVEVA Insight's new data connector add-in that allows you to quickly export data from Insight and into Microsoft Excel for manual analysis.


Discover how easy it is to set up an OPC-DA server for AVEVA Insight in this short video and get started with cloud-based information management now


Historian is the first, large volume plant data historian to unite a high-speed data acquisition and storage system with a traditional relational database ...


Discover the August 2016 release of AVEVA Insight including: OEM white-labelling, multi-tenant email, support for OPC-DA data sources and more.

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