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Digital Transformation

Read our latest article in Marine Log magazine to discover how AVEVA is at the forefront of digitalization across the complete Marine supply chain – from ship ...

Asset Performance

Visual APM connects multiple sources and formats of asset and operations data to view digital twins of equipment, machinery and processes using navigable 2D ...

Monitor and Control

Blog describing the value of real time operation performance management that critical to achieving smart operations across Oil & Gas and smart cities.

Asset Performance

Asset Predictive Analytics is an important piece of any companies Digital Transformation strategy

Digital Transformation

AVEVA accelerates our customer’s Digital Transformation journey by empowering all personnel with the right technologies and training to transform work.

Engineer, Procure, Construct

"Be excellent now so you can be excellent tomorrow. Your career as an engineer can take you to lots of different places". See How Lisa Johnston global leader ...

Master the future of industry with Digital Transformation Explore What's New <>
Engineer, Procure, Construct

Unified Engineering can save up to 30% of engineering efforts during the Engineering Design phase

Digital Transformation

Industrial automation has reached a tipping point with technology driving newfound advancements in process automation & control, forcing manufacturers to ...

Food and Beverage, CPG

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence-driven processes, supported by Machine Learning, will revolutionize the manufacturing shop floor.

Oil and Gas

Market-disrupting industrial organizations differentiate themselves by transforming business through innovating and accelerating past the competition.

Owner Operator

Cloud-based training tools reduce time-to-competence and improve operators' handling of abnormal situations.


Infrastructure operators face many challenges, but failing to transform infrastructure can lead to significant consequences.

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