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Operate and Optimise

The Ampla Operations Management 2018 R2 release empowers operators with new features, notifications, and access to relevant information anywhere and anytime.

Monitor and Control

In this post, I share five of my favorite reasons why adopting Historian on top of your HMI solution is key for making sense of your industrial data.

Operate and Optimise

AVEVA Insight operational continuity framework now delivers simplified alert management, additional production context and better visualization usability.

Operate and Optimise

We’re excited to announce the release of Advanced Process Control 2019 SP1 packed with new features which include Deep Learning algorithms, web-based Advanced ...

Asset Performance

Predictive Asset Analytics is one of the most promising technologies to derive tangible business value from existing historian data.

Oil and Gas

Data is the foundation of Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas. Data feeds into predictive analytics, optimises process, predicts machine failures.


To overcome business and operational challenges, companies will need to increase their level of digital maturity through value chain optimization.

Oil and Gas

Understand the complexity of the refining and petrochemical value chains to create a solid digital transformation strategy that optimizes the entire enterprise.

Engineer, Procure, Construct

Unified Project Execution could shave 15% off the cost of your next project.

Asset Performance

Minimize risk and maximize performance of assets in your water and wastewater operations with a digital, proactive maintenance and reliability approach that ...

Digital Transformation

At AVEVA World Summit 2019 you can hear from Barghest Building Performance (BBP) on how they applied creative business models to maximize growth and ...

Operate and Optimise

AVEVA Insight update August 2019: introducing satellite view on maps; suspend and re-activate alerts; equipment efficiency updates; guided tour on mobile.

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