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Engineer, Procure, Construct

Unified Engineering can save up to 30% of engineering efforts during the Engineering Design phase

Digital Transformation

Industrial automation has reached a tipping point with technology driving newfound advancements in process automation & control, forcing manufacturers to ...

Food and Beverage, CPG

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence-driven processes, supported by Machine Learning, will revolutionize the manufacturing shop floor.

Oil and Gas

Market-disrupting industrial organizations differentiate themselves by transforming business through innovating and accelerating past the competition.

Owner Operator

Cloud-based training tools reduce time-to-competence and improve operators' handling of abnormal situations.


Infrastructure operators face many challenges, but failing to transform infrastructure can lead to significant consequences.

Master the future of industry with Digital Transformation Explore What's New <>
Operate and Optimise

AVEVA Insight update May 2019: introducing multi-tag alerts for condition management in the cloud, plus enhancements to the efficiency model.

Asset Performance

Industrial organizations can no longer afford to operate in a reactive environment, it’s critical to reduce downtime, failure and production loss. We ...


Few things have fundamentally changed about how ships are built and operated since the industry adopted containerisation in the 1970s. Why has the Marine ...

Food and Beverage, CPG

The use of big data to analyze and address performance gaps is fast becoming an industry norm as manufacturing companies seek to achieve operational excellence ...

Operate and Optimise

AVEVA Insight update April 2019: Introducing cloud visualisation capabilities for easy to understand, easy to access process graphics. It is that simple.

Food and Beverage, CPG

Food and beverage manufacturing plants may not have to rip and replace existing systems to capture the benefits of Industry 4.0. Instead, consider a digital ...

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