The rise of digital platforms and AVEVA Connect

How the internet is changing our expectations... as we live and breathe

Posted: March 12, 2019

Operate and Optimise

The rise of digital platforms and AVEVA Connect

 Transformation is all around... and it's built on trust!

Recently, I landed in Kuala Lumpur after 11 hours of flying, but my pre-arranged taxi was not at the arrivals hall as agreed.

A quick call to the hotel that arranged the taxi and they kindly ask me to wait another 45 minutes for a car to come and get me!  I had not been in Malaysia for 10 years, and this was only my second time in KL.  No problem - out came the phone, and with one press of an App, I Ubered to the hotel in 35 minutes.

Trusted digital platforms are changing the world... for the better!

Why would I use my credit-card to get in a car with a stranger, to take me to a hotel in a town I am completely unfamiliar with?  Truth is, I feel more comfortable getting in a car with an Uber driver, than I do getting in a car with a driver holding an A4 sheet of paper with my name on it.

What’s changed?
Is it mobile?  Big-Data?  AI?  No.  Trusted Digital Platforms.

Together, we are all watching the internet turn the world on its head.  Whether through our phones, speaking with ‘Alexa’, ‘Ubering’ to our next meeting in KL or watching the latest Netflix binge-worthy series.  Trusted Digital platforms are here, crushing traditional market incumbents and empowering end-users.  Digital platforms are becoming a bigger part of ALL of our personal and professional lives. 

What makes Trusted Digital Platforms so powerful?
They are virtuous cycles:

  •  the more users on the platform; the more suppliers sign-up
  •  the more users and suppliers signed-up; the better the data becomes
  •  the better the data becomes; then the more clients sign-up

   …so more suppliers sign-up until global domination!

This is not a new thing:

  1. Microsoft builds the operating system and leaves the building of computers to OEMs
  2. Google builds the search engine and leaves the creation of web pages to be searched to the rest of the world
  3. Facebook builds the infrastructure of the network and leaves the creation of content to be shared with its users
  4. Now, AVEVA builds the design and information systems that leave the creation plants, refineries and ships to its customers

It's all about the Trusted Platform.  AVEVA’s customers and prospects are demanding their engineering and operational data be correct, validated and secure. They demand that their operational data is accessible in real-time, outside of the control room - securely. Our customers are already growing comfortable with trusting their data to digital platforms with Office365, Azure, AWS, SAP Hana and Oracle Fusion.  Plant workers, Operations personnel and services, no longer want to rely on engineering departments, engineering suppliers or paper documents to get their jobs done. They expect the critical work information to be in the palm of their hands, as instantly as summoning an Uber driver. 

AVEVA has the unique opportunity get into the centre of everything our customers do.  Our industries are embracing the idea of a digital twin from Design, Construction, Plant Operators, Service Engineers and Finance Departments.  Yes, the Digital Twin will be powered by 3D, IoT, Mobile, Big Data and AI… but none of that happens without a Trusted Digital Platform: AVEVA Connect.

More and more of AVEVA’s solutions will move into the AVEVA Connect platform;

...and more to come this year!

AVEVA Connect is now the virtuous cycle where Engineers, Operators and End-users come together, enabling a connected supply chain with the 3D digital twin at the core. AVEVA Connect allows the customer to amplify their current value chains with 1) forward and backwards integrations and 2) acquisitions to build completely new services.

Just as Uber has changed the way we hail a taxi; AVEVA Connect changes the way we interact with industrial software.  AVEVA Connect is the “Doing” - where Operations Technology and Information Technology come together to bring superpower in both the executive offices and the shop floor.

Enquire about AVEVA Connect today.

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Written By
Patrick Pando

Patrick Pando has been in tech since he purchased his first computer (TRS-80) with his paperboy wages. He has continually focused on helping customer and colleagues innovate and transform. He has lived in the fast lane of high tech, leading cloud transformations of sales, marketing, and transformations at Microsoft, SAP and Sage Software. Patrick is a hands-on leader who is pragmatic, disruptive and passionately focused building customer success in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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