Shaping Tomorrow’s Mine

Mega Trends defining the Future of Mining, Minerals and Metals.

Posted: August 18, 2017


Shaping Tomorrow’s Mine

Today, we continue to see an increase in global consumption as worldwide population growth, together with upward trends in urbanization and industrialization, has led to a robust increase in demand for commodities from the mining and metals industries.1

The industry plays a critical role in our lives. In fact, it is estimated that each person uses more than 25,000 pounds of new non-fuel minerals on a daily basis2 – minerals that are processed into everyday products that we depend on like medicines, buildings, homes, electronic gadgets, etc. And these demands will continue to drive the mining and mineral processing industries for many years.

World urbanization is expected to continue at a rapid pace
Figure 1: World urbanization is expected to continue at a rapid pace.1

Which brings us back to this reality. Whether the economy is on an upswing or a downswing, mining companies must stay focused to maintain a sustainable balance sheet amidst their many business challenges.

Productivity still remains in the top three concerns of many miners3 who are struggling to achieve long-term sustainable improvements. Innovation is a key enabler of improved productivity3, and 46% of business leaders recognize the power of digitization to drive innovation4 and provide the long-term competitive advantage needed for business growth.

Now you see the correlation, let’s move on to how digitization positively impacts the mining operations.

Top 10 Business Risks
Figure 2: Risk radar for mining and metals3

Digital Mining Transformation

Within the mining, mineral processing, and metals industries, digitalization will be a force that transforms key aspects at every step of the value chain.

Here are several findings on the real value miners expect to gain from digital technology4:

  • 64% of executives are satisfied with their digital investments
  • 47% of executives cited better operational performance
  • 42% executives reported on operational/administrative cost savings
  • 40% of executives saw better decision making process
Four Pillars Providing Digitization Across the Mining Value Chain

With 82% of mining executives looking to digital technology to help them propel their business4, forward, what does it means to you?

To gain further insights, watch the Digital Mining Transformation on-demand webinar, as I share how leading mining companies are leveraging digital tools and capabilities to drive operational excellence, and succeed in this challenging environment.

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Written By
Doug Warren

Doug Warren took the helm at the Operation & Optimization Software Activity in 2013, having previously been the VP of Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions. Doug joined Schneider Electric in 2010 as part of the SCADAgroup acquisition, and has since been part of the TRSS leadership team. Most of his career has been focused on automation, measurement and instrumentation businesses, with experience gained at Control Microsystems, Rockwell Automation, and ITT Barton Instruments in the areas of business leadership, offer development (hardware, firmware, and software) and business development.

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