The Customer Perspective - Trility* Water

Hear from our customer at Trility Water during the recent Ozwater 2018 event in Brisbane

Posted: July 19, 2018

Water and Wastewater

The Customer Perspective - Trility* Water

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of the Water and Wastewater industry flagship events in Australia - Ozwater2018, where our newly consolidated Pacific Zone sales team came together to help explain to our customers exactly who the new AVEVA was; and more importantly how they can benefit from the new leaders in engineering and industrial software.

We had an amazing few days with our AVEVA stand abuzz for the full 3-day duration and a regular stream of visitors and customers keen to talk to us and learn more about how our integrated supply chain solutions can help modernise their operations and streamline digital transformation. Our interactive demonstrations were extremely well received and were a great way to showcase our latest world-class Digital Asset Visualisation, Monitor & Control, Asset Performance, Operate and Optimise and Planning and Scheduling software solutions. The showstopper however was the integration story and the unprecedented value that our customers can now realise with our fully integrated supply chain solution, maximizing value creation across the complete asset and operations life-cycles.

Whilst we spoke to more than 400 delegates throughout the event, it was invaluable to hear from one of our existing customers on what it is that sets us apart and in their words, makes a genuine contribution to streamlining and optimising their operations.

Watch the full interview below featuring James Ireland – Trility (Technical Support Lead) and Paul Banfield (AVEVA Pacific Zone Water and Wastewater Segment Director)

The teamwork, passion and pride that our entire team displayed in both curating and telling our new integrated story, not only ensured that it was one of our most successful to date but also showed that they are just as excited as our customers are, to be part of the leaders in engineering and industrial software.

 For more information -

  • Watch our Ozwater 2018 Event Wrap-up video here.
  • Read more about our leading WWW solutions.

 *Trility – a member of Beijing Enterprises Water Group (BEWG)

Written By
Damien McDade

Damien is AVEVA’s Head of Sales in the Pacific Zone, where he focuses on strategic direction, revenue management, and market development of the entire portfolio across the business’ target industries. Damien’s career includes more than 20 years of experience in technical and commercial roles in various industrial companies. Before his current role, he held several leadership positions in Schneider Electric. Damien holds an Engineering degree from Coventry University in the UK, and an MBA from MGSM in Melbourne, Australia, where he currently lives with his family.

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Water and Wastewater
The Customer Perspective - Trility* Water

What was also invaluable was hearing from one of our customers on just what sets us apart and in their words, how we are making a genuine contribution to their ...

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