Three Ways to Maximize Shipyard Productivity

AVEVA Everything3D is the platform for the next generation of ship design

Posted: February 28, 2019


Three Ways to Maximize Shipyard Productivity

Enhance design and production efficiency

In shipbuilding we can’t limit ourselves by talking only about 3D design, but it is still very important part of the process. We know that shipbuilding is all about turning raw material into sophisticated products and that it is a manufacturing driven business with a high focus on the assembly phase

However although the design is a small part of the project cost, it has a huge impact in the whole process of production and purchasing, which affect the overall project efficiency and delivery time.

The increasing size and complexity of the end product, the short project lead time force demand for concurrent engineering with unclear and changing specifications and the cost pressure leading to globally distributed design and production running 24/7, generate the following challenges during design and constructions of marine projects:

  • Latency to discover design modifications and to assess the impact on the overall project 
  • Leading to inconsistencies between the evolving design model and the information provided for fabrication
  • Leading to costly reworks in the fabrication and assembly phases
  • Risks of error and inconsistencies increased by multiple design teams working remotely

The typical scenario described above very often ends-up with projects running well over-budget and the overall project margin can be heavily impacted. Therefore, it is safe to say that shipbuilding is a production driven industry and need a design solution that is also focused on production. 

You need tools that work for you!

3 ways to maximize shipyard productivity

  1. Right first-time for production

Although modifications are definitely part of the normal process for ship design, the costly rework in the fabrication and assembly phases can be reduced if you can achieve an efficient design for production, with accurate design rules and comprehensive production checks. This way, parts can fit right first time in production

  1. Efficient change management

You need to be able to easily identify, manage and communicate the changes across the different disciplines. The result will be a more accurate, better quality design that can minimise construction costs and time, and avoid errors that can lead to costly rework in production

  1. Integration of laser data into the design environment

The ability to integrate and directly import point cloud data into the design environment enables rapid, intuitive and accurate design of vessel modifications and verification of construction status against the design intent as construction progresses.

BLOM Maritime for example, is using AVEVA Everything 3D (E3D) with integrated laser data for modifications and retrofit projects. Click here and check how they are reducing the Bill of Materials by 35% and the installation costs by 25% with E3D.


Big step in efficiency - Faster, Integrated, User friendly

We understand that efficiency is key, and we are constantly innovating to support the industry. That’s why we are now offering AVEVA Everything3D as the platform for the next generation of ship design.

AVEVA Everything3D is much faster and more intuitive to use. You can save up to 30% of your design time simply switching to E3D. This is because you need less clicks and actions to achieve the same result as in AVEVA Outfitting. Not only, there are lots of integrated export/import features, including the ability to work with point cloud directly in E3D environments..

AVEVA E3D offers exceptional efficiency in generating consistently high-quality deliverables, adjusted to the latest construction site / fabrication yard conditions, and delivers substantial business value by reducing construction rework and dependably enabling more right-first-time construction.

Increase the efficiency of your engineering design processes and benefit from integrated tools that draw on decades of expertise, within our integrated, user friendly platform.

Discover for yourself how technologically advanced 3D design tools can help boost profits in your shipyard. Register for the free on-demand webinar: Big step in efficiency - Faster, Integrated, User friendly. The latest 3D modelling tool for the marine outfitting. Or contact us and request a demo today.

 Advanced 3D design solutions that are production drivenAdvanced 3D design solution that are production driven



Written By
Aline Bezzera

Aline Bezerra is global industry marketing manager for AVEVA solutions within the marine industry. Passionate about technology, she is supporting organizations on their Digital Transformation journey.

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Three Ways to Maximize Shipyard Productivity

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