Value Chain Optimisation: Eliminating Silos and Enhancing Operations

Value Chain Optimisation maximises the throughput of your mine to improve overall operations and profitability

Posted: July 16, 2018


Value Chain Optimisation: Eliminating Silos and Enhancing Operations

Are you optimising your value chain? Value Chain Optimisation maximises the throughput of your mine to improve overall operations and profitability. Volatile and changing market conditions continue to drive challenges for mining operators, with the shift from major capital projects to a focus on operations. Therefore, the need for a highly effective mine is ever more present today, meaning operations can no longer be managed at a local and siloed level. Entire value chain must now seek other ways to bridge silos, improve operations, and reduce operating costs.

Making Value Chain Optimisation a Mine Reality

A large part of optimising your value chain is accomplished by optimising your supply chain. So how does a mining operation achieve supply chain excellence?

A trusted Supply Chain Optimisation partner, like AVEVA, can help you take appropriate steps towards unifying your operations and supply chain. The first step is to develop an end-to-end optimised plan to meet financial targets and minimise operational risks. This allows planners and schedulers to tightly link supply chain activities and reduce operational costs, like demurrage and inventory levels, while also being able to efficiently sequence activities to ship more of the right product, at the right time, to the meet the customer demand.

Supply Chain Optimisation develops a mine to be:

  1. Unified
    • Eliminates costly business gaps arising from legacy point solutions
    • Single application unified by design
  2. Enterprise
    • Collaboration enables better business decisions
    • Lowers cost of ownership for IT and Support
  3. Modern
    • Cloud-enabled
    • Simple to learn and use

It is important to remember that Digital Transformation does not occur overnight; it is a journey. However by partaking in the Value Chain Optimisation process, digitalisation can help solve problems your company faces daily, and ultimately builds more stable and reliable operations.

Ready to learn more about Value Chain Optimisation for your Mining Operation?

To learn more about Value Chain Optimisation, read our free e-book that discusses how supply chain management tools can be employed to efficiently generate schedules and plans, thus increasing production performance and providing insights to better understand deviations between operations and planning functions. Read more here.


Written By
Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson is the Mining Industry Marketing Specialist focused on Industry Marketing at AVEVA. She is primarily responsible for expanding perception and awareness of AVEVA's Mining solutions and marketing their operational benefits to mining customers globally. Rachel has been with the company for three years, including an internship year with AVEVA, after graduating from Liberty University in 2018. She holds a B.S. in Strategic Communication: PR & Advertising.

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