The Buzz Around Digital Transformation Unlocked at the AVEVA World Conference, Dallas

When I think about the buzz around digital transformation, and everything that means to an industrial company, utility, building or infrastructure manager, my mind literally boggles.

The days of closed industrial networks are gone. The sheer real-time nature of industrial data available from the HMI and SCADA system provide businesses with the access to real insights, that will take your business to the next level. We have an extremely innovative range of solutions that leverage the scale and cost-effectiveness that secure cloud technology offers, with industrial information analysis, asset management and advanced analytics solutions. We can help you leverage the data available in the monitoring and control layer to gain actionable insights, and drive process optimisation – the first step on your digital transformation roadmap.


At the AVEVA World Summit – User Conference in Dallas, TX, on the 10th – 13th September, our best and brightest will break down this rather daunting topic that is digital transformation. Our presenters will be specifically focusing on the areas of system, process and network monitoring, or supervisory and control, putting this somewhat abstract topic into scenarios and language that we deal with daily.

You will be provided with the know-how to take those initial meaningful steps on your very own digital transformation journey. Your very own HMI, SCADA, Industrial Information Management & Intelligence systems, and the processes which surround them, can be optimised to deliver better business outcomes, with tighter cross-portfolio integration, and new solutions to common problems.

At the AVEVA World Summit in Dallas, we’ll help you understand where to focus, and what’s needed to take a well-performing monitoring and control system to new heights through greater industrial context. We’ll show you the solutions you will need to drive optimal, real-time operational decisions in a supervisory and control environment – empowering the Operators with the tools they need to succeed!

At the User Conference, we will be covering roadmap and how-to sessions across the complete range of AVEVA Monitor and Control solutions powered by Wonderware including:

  • InTouch HMI

  • InTouch HMI for Machines

  • System Platform, including Device & Operational Integration Server

  • System Platform, including Device & Operational Integration Server

  • Citect SCADA

  • OASyS SCADA for Pipelines

  • Historian

  • Intelligence

  • Insight Operations

  • …not to mention a few new solutions.

We will be hosting dedicated information sessions with the experts of the various AVEVA Monitor & Control solutions you use today, providing you with the insights needed to get you on your digital transformation journey… because it is just that... a journey!

No matter what size business, utility, process, or infrastructure project you manage – a small factory, a machine builder, a municipal water utility, a remote integrated operations centre, a multi-site mining company, a smart city command and control centre, a global oil and gas giant, or a global data centre business – the problems and needs will be unique, and others will be the same, but the solutions to your problems all have one thing in common. Us. Your favourite software solutions from AVEVA.

Don’t forget that if you have a success story you would like to share with the AVEVA community, the call for presentations is currently open for Customers or partners who have used AVEVA solutions to enable improved operations. To submit your success story for consideration, simply download the Authorization Form here.

Start your digital transformation journey and register for AVEVA World Conference today!



Matko Spadina AVEVA

By Matko Spadina

Monitoring & Control portfolio marketing lead at AVEVA

Matko is the Monitoring & Control portfolio marketing lead at AVEVA, covering HMI, SCADA & Industrial Information Management. Translating customer problems into software solutions, and working with people much smarter than himself to deliver on the promises of well-crafted marketing stories, is what gets Matko out of bed every morning! Matko has been with AVEVA for 6 years, working in the Monitoring & Control portfolio in various capacities, and has 20+ years of software product management and marketing experience across many markets and technologies.

Dallas, TX

Hilton Anatole | September 10-13, 2018