IHB ShipDesign could, thanks to AVEVA E3D and laser scanning

Do you want to become more efficient whilst saving clients dry dock time and cost?

IHB ShipDesign is a successful Bulgarian design company that has delivered retrofit projects since 2014. With demand for BWTS retrofit increasing, IHB needed a quicker, more efficient and scalable solution.

InfiniteCore, an advanced LFM technology built into AVEVA E3D, enables the use of datasets of virtually unlimited size. It gives IHB designers the capability to capture the ‘as-is’ vessel data for direct transfer into the 3D environment. IHB has found laser scanning to be a fast and reliable method of digitising existing routing and structure on board with complete accuracy. 

  • IHB ShipDesign now has the technology to handle all potential customer requirements. 
  • Modelling time for a typical retrofit project has been reduced by 15–20%.

 “Compared to our old CAD-based approach to retrofit projects we feel that we have made a significant advance in the services we offer. Our designers have access to an intelligent model for creation of installation drawings and accurate parts lists. Adding in fresh data and keeping it up to date is now easy.”

Boyko Georgiev, CEO at IHB ShipDesign.

AVEVA E3D with its integrated 3D data capture technology allows shipyards to deliver faster and better quality retrofit and conversion projects.


A quick solution to help you to offer a great service to ship owners!

"Our engineers can work concurrently on the same project using accurate laser scan data, delivering quality, cost and timescale benefits.”