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Digital modernization is an ongoing process. It spans all aspects of business at all levels of an organization. How should your company define a strategic digital roadmap? Where should you focus your efforts?

Partnering with AVEVA on their digital transformation journey:

  • ADNOC saves between $60M to $100M through optimized operations and 700X faster visual advancement
  • Duke Energy captured savings of more than $50M in repair costs over the course of 3 years by avoiding more than 385 failures
  • Atal Nagar, the first greenfield smart city in India, can monitor and control operations of the entire city, with plans to scale to serve 5.6 million residents by 2031
  • Henkel used its growth and sustainability strategies to save €15M in energy costs by reducing consumption by 9%
  • Roy Hill optimized their end-to-end demand value chain via a Remote Operations Center (with visibility from mine to process plant to rail and port), 1300 km away from the mine site

To find out where you can get started, select the answers to 15 questions in the assessment that best describe your organization. If you don’t know the answer, select the most likely choice.

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