Maximise Oil and Gas Production with a Digital Twin Strategy

By Eddy Lek

Leveraging Digital Twins to Maximise Oil and Gas Production

In recent years, the advancement in technology – cloud platform, analytics and computing power -and greater clarity on the use cases have accelerated the adoption of digital twins. Oil and gas companies are starting to realize the benefits of Digital Twin that enables unprecedented real-time insights of their operations, elevating their operational excellence to the next level: A 0.1% increase in production due to improved process and operating efficiency can easily yield several millions of dollars in additional revenue.

This white paper discusses the approach to leverage data, simulation and analytics in Digital Twin Strategy to maximise Oil and Gas Production at lower cost:

  • Increase throughput and yield
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Discover additional unattained potential uplift
  • Identify and resolve the bottlenecks preventing the extra uplift
  • Improve field workforce efficiency