Whitepaper - Model-based Online Performance Monitoring

For Refineries and Petrochemical Plants

Take the first step toward full, real-time plant optimisation

Today’s economic climate requires a step-change in the timeliness and quality of decision-making in plant operations. The day when refiners and chemical manufacturers can rely upon off-line analysis alone for competitive advantage is rapidly vanishing. Monitoring operational performance has always been an essential task for any plant manager, but technology limitations have usually prevented continual success. Online performance monitoring technology provides the tools necessary for plant managers to achieve optimal plant performance and reliability.

This whitepaper explores the requirements for a successful online performance monitoring solution that includes open connectivity with DCS and other plant information systems; real-time process data reconciliation and validation; rigorous and accurate equipment models; an efficient and friendly user environment; low maintenance requirements; and full automation capability.

Typical applications include distillation, heat exchange, reaction, and compression trains in refinery, ethylene and gas processing units. ROMeo Automated Rigorous Performance Monitoring is introduced as it provides predictive de-bottlenecking, troubleshooting, and maintenance capabilities, as well as tracking actual plant performance versus targets to maximize crude throughput and maintenance ROI.