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Executive Summary

Digital transformation and enabling technologies create endless opportunities for business. We can now combine artificial intelligence with human intelligence and connect to a vast ecosystem of mobile devices, smart machines and data-collecting sensors through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). And this enables us to react quickly as opportunities and challenges arise, enable seamless collaboration across expanding boundaries and distribute real-time decision-making through an empowered workforce.

AVEVA enables businesses to visualize and control operations from Edge to Enterprise. We connect everything in your business, from your network operations center to remote IIoT devices at the network’s edge. We do this through a unified platform that delivers real-time management, visualization, analytics and control across thousands of mobile touchpoints.

Driving Proven Business Value

Enterprises need to do more and do it more efficiently and at a lower cost than ever before. AVEVA’s comprehensive portfolio delivers proven business value from Edge to Enterprise with:

  • Deep operations visibility to speed up systems maintenance and streamline compliance efforts
  • A unified data platform that bridges business silos and increases collaboration by delivering real-time, contextual intelligence to everyone
  • Frictionless, end-to-end workflows with the ability to manage IIoT devices in the cloud
  • Decision support to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and reduce energy consumption

Connect to the Future

  • Connect your business from edge to enterprise
  • Connect operations, remove data silos and embrace cloud/IIoT
  • Connect workers with real-time info anywhere on any device
  • Connect artificial and human intelligence for better insights

Unlock the Possibilities

AVEVA challenges the status quo of how industrial operations are engineered and executed with a relentless drive to introduce solutions that change how businesses operate for the better.

Customer Success Stories

La Tortilla Factory

“We’re constantly trying to come up with ways to drive costs out of the business. We wanted to implement a shop floor system that allowed us to have real-time data at our fingertips in order to improve and drive costs out of the business.”

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improved line efficiency

% increase

in production

% decrease

in waste

Carson City, Nevada

“Remote management capabilities have resulted in 15% reduction in operations staff hours due to saved drive time.”

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gallons of water


of solar energy


time savings

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

“[AVEVA’s solution] provides a single access point to critical operational and performance information, facilitating smarter and faster decision-making, and enables us to uncover new solutions.”

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Single view

of data across


processing plants

What Can AVEVA Do for You?

Unlock a world of possibilities with our Edge to Enterprise solutions:

Gain true control of the edge, including remote management of edge devices

Empower employees to make better decisions

Deliver a single view of the business to everyone, even across different data silos and systems

Discover new performance improvements that were previously hidden

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