Edge to Enterprise - Infographic

Download the latest infographic detailing the scope of AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise portfolio to learn more about where you fit on the digital transformation curve, and where you can grow with AVEVA.

The Full Scope of AVEVA's Edge to Enterprise Capabilities

Edge to Enterprise

Download our infographic to explore the ways AVEVA's portfolio of solutions can scale from remote management and control of edge devices to HMI, SCADA, and integration with enterprise systems. Visualize how that data can be collected and sent to and from the cloud to offer your business an unparalleled view of the entire supply chain.

With AVEVA Flex to offer flexibility and versatility, there's no barrier to the adoption of technologies such as IIoT architectures and edge fleet management from the cloud.

The AVEVA Edge to Enterprise Portfolio is:

  1. Flexible – Platform agnostic software enables the aggregation of previously inaccessible data from disparate data streams into one source of information
  2. Integrated – Only AVEVA offers integrated software solutions that scale from the control of edge devices and applications to HMI/SCADA and enterprise-level visibility of data
  3. Highly Visible – Collect data from all areas of the business and visualize it in the cloud, where AI and Machine Learning can add context and enable rapid decision making

Download the Infographic to learn more!

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