Predictive Maintenance for Improved Performance in Oil and Gas

By Kim Custeau

Improve Production Uptime with Predictive Analytics

Oil and gas companies operate a diverse set of complex assets for production. In many cases, these operations are in remote and hard-to-access locations, where monitoring equipment health and performance presents a substantial challenge.  Whether the asset is an offshore pumping station, compressor, drilling rig or any other critical piece of rotating equipment, real-time health and performance insights can be used to influence decisions and actions that drive efficiencies and improve competitive advantage. 

This white paper discusses the evolution of maintenance strategies, including the use of advanced pattern recognition and machine learning technology to enable the shift to more proactive and optimized strategies, empowering companies to:

  • Improve asset ROI through early warning of asset failure before it happens, reducing unplanned downtime and improving asset availability
  • Reduce operations and maintenace costs
  • Extend equipment life and increase asset utilization

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