Can you save $100 million on your Capital Projects?

Optimise engineering processes and collaboration to reduce project risk, errors and delays.

Adopting an EPC 4.0 strategy will make your capital projects more agile and efficient

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EPC 4.0 Infographic

Inefficient engineering processes can have a huge impact on project risk, errors and delays –resulting in poor agility and efficiency in Capital Projects. An EPC 4.0 strategy empowers your engineering teams so that they can work together more effectively, spend more time on engineering and design and cut project cost overall.

Learn why organisations are adopting an EPC 4.0 strategy and how it can help you overcome the problems with project efficiency today:

  • 98% of mega-projects incur cost overruns or delays
  • The average cost is 180% of the original value
  • Projects slip 20 months behind original schedule, on average


Learn how SNC-Lavalin implemented a data-centric approach to engineering processes to increase collaboration and productivity. 

SNC-Lavalin, AVEVA World Summit