Unified Project Execution Cloud Demo

Watch our demo video for a simple workflow showing how to de-risk your capital projects by connecting your people and processes with AVEVA’s fit-for-purpose, controlled execution approach.

Controlled execution, no matter how much change occurs

According to McKinsey, 98% of CAPEX projects are delivered late and 8 of 10 are over budget, and the execution phase is the main culprit.

AVEVA’s Unified Project Execution approach forms a layer of risk protection around your project via enhanced process governance, best-in-class change management, and data-centric construction planning and execution. 

EPC4.0 Circle - UPE

When executed on the cloud, the data captured throughout the project is shared amongst stakeholders, enabling true transparency and collaboration as all parties are looking at the same current & trusted information. Connect decision makers with software designed for capital project execution to help you deliver on-time and on-budget, even on the most challenging projects.

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