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Can you build resilience in uncertainty?

As the energy industry faces a high level of market volatility, refiners have to optimize their feedstock collection to match the changing demands fast enough in order to maximize margins. Take advantage of economic opportunities and quickly react to market changes with cloud-based AVEVA Unified Supply Chain. The built-in advanced analytics allows you to quickly react to market changes by reducing the crude evaluation time from days to minutes. Rapidly run scenarios to build short and long-term plans for maximum profit and best use of assets.

We are now offering a 90-day FREE Trial* access to AVEVA Unified Supply Chain. This allows your team to run crude planning models rapidly and safely in the cloud, enabling agile collaboration between remote workforce, saving millions in a single planning scenario run.

"Believe it or not, for the same data set, the same crude, and feedstocks, the same units, what used to take us seven hours to run now takes just over three minutes. I have to admit I didn't really think that we'd get that out of cloud, so it has been quite revolutionary for us." Claire Dickson, CIO of downstream at BP.

Can you get ahead of the uncertainty curve?

Save millions in a single crude planning scenario run with cloud-enabled AVEVA Unified Supply Chain: Assay Plan & Network.

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