Citect SCADA 2018

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Citect SCADA 2018

Citect SCADA 2018 is set to deliver a new era in operator efficiency, with a number of innovations that continue to streamline and optimize the engineering experience.

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Citect SCADA 2016

Citect SCADA 2016 is loaded with innovations and powerful enhancements that streamline and reimagine the engineering experience.

Simplified configuration and navigational improvements put operators back in the driver’s seat and help to unlock the power and value of their SCADA systems.

Some highlights of Citect SCADA 2016:

Some highlights of Citect SCADA 2016:

  • New Integrated Development Environment - new unified configuration environment offering a faster more intuitive activity-based user experience.
  • Enhanced Deployment Management - new centralized deployment view facilitating the seamless management of project configuration.
  • Simplified Topology Management - streamlined and consolidated server configuration, with a central view of your Citect SCADA servers, by machine & by cluster.

Some highlights of Citect SCADA 2016

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Citect SCADA 2016
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