Cloud Computing

The power to deliver more transparency, flexibility, agility and scalability across your value chains.

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Enabling digital transformation

The cloud uses the internet to deliver the computing resources – servers, databases and storage, processing power, software, analytics, intelligence, networking, services and support – you need in today’s data hungry world. Using the cloud, information can be consolidated from multiple sources and presented, in context, on any connected device for faster decisions and new ways of work.

Cloud is a necessity for digital transformation that accelerates time to value, increases collaboration, and even reduce costs.

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Enhance collaboration

Through the digital transformation of work, the cloud allows you to consolidate data from multiple sources into a central location for improved transparency, accessibility and visibility across your value chain.​ With our cloud platform, AVEVA Connect, you can now get a unified view across your engineering, operational and information value cycles for unprecedented understanding of your business.

Easily and securely share engineering models and critical operational information with employees, trusted partners and suppliers. Everyone sees the same data in context so smart collaboration is made possible. With information now available anywhere, anytime, users can perform their jobs more effectively.


Futureproof your investments

Successful digital transformation doesn’t have to mean wholesale rip-and-replace. With Cloud Computing you can connect to Edge and IIoT devices, and take advantage of new capabilities such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and more, all as a natural extension to existing systems. ​

Cloud forms the backbone to the advanced digital twin so that you have a “living” representation of your all elements of your engineering and operational activities.


Lower costs

The Cloud delivers all the benefits of industrial software without the overhead of installation, deployment, version control and hardware maintenance. Users don’t have to wait for upgrade cycles in order to leverage the latest and greatest features and capabilities. And because it’s the same easy to use software now accessed over the internet, training costs are minimized.​

Cloud offers commercial flexibility too with various subscription approaches available. Pay for what you use, and quickly scale as required. Gain peace of mind with ultimate flexibility, scalability and agility to respond to changing business demands.​

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Trusted, reliable and accessible​

Like your personal data, industrial data is sensitive. That is why with  AVEVA Cloud data is encrypted, logically segregated and segmented in a multi-tenant architecture. These measures offer the best assurances that your data is safe from unauthorized access, and limit the risk of data being compromised in any meaningful manner while protecting the privacy, control and autonomy of each customer’s data independently from any other.

Using the cloud also means that availability and disaster recovery are managed by the cloud software provider. All backed up with validated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) so you can be assured of the highest uptime – all managed by AVEVA.

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