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Combustion Optimization for Conventional Generation

Proven Solutions for Conventional Generation

Conventional power generators are responding to growing worldwide demand for power by building new generation facilities while simultaneously running cleaner and more efficient plants through new technologies such as oxy-firing, integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) and carbon capture. They are also boosting operator effectiveness and safety. With the average age of existing facilities nearly 30 years old, significant modernization efforts are needed. With environmental regulations dictating increasingly tight emission controls and the need for cyber security growing quickly, conventional power generators are faced with a daunting array of challenges. Schneider Electric also helps increase operational efficiencies through Advanced Process Control (APC) and train a new workforce through its operator training simulation solution.

Key Challenges Addressed:

  • Optimize fleet responsiveness to dynamic market demand
  • Speed new plant delivery via intelligent engineering and dynamics simulation
  • Enable “soft” migrations from aging systems
  • Optimize combustion and increase efficiency through advanced process control and loop tuning
  • Control turbomachinery better and more safely
  • Manage assets more effectively
  • Enable knowledge transfer to a new workforce
  • Mitigate cyber security risks