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We are Currently on the Cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution


Understanding the technology and driving forces behind digital transformation is the key to mastering the digital future of industry. Businesses around the world are faced with an enormous amount of pressure along multiple dimensions including:

  • Commodity prices and oversupply
  • Competition and consolidation
  • Environment, Quality, Safety regulations
  • Geopolitical uncertainities
  • Generation shift
  • Pace to change

Gartner Trend Insight Report: Predictive Maintenance Drives IoT

Download this report to learn how a standardised approach to asset performance management coupled with domain expertise can drive
exceptional performance.

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Digital Transformation is the key to smarter ways of doing business. It’s about speed, agility and efficiency that drive new and better customer experiences. All while maximizing value creation across asset and operations lifecycles to improve profitability and maximize return on capital.

There is a tremendous new force in industry - Digital Technology including: 

This provides an opportunity for businesses to maintain a competitive edge.

Discover How You Can Maximise Return on Capital and Improve Profitability

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Industry-first offering combines augmented and virtual reality for metal casting solutions

Italpresse Gauss has embedded Augmented and Virtual Reality software in its high-performance light metal casting solutions. As a real-world application of digital twin technology, this solution will be used by Italpresse Gauss customers to perform maintenance activities with greater effectiveness. This marks a first of its kind mobile offering that relies upon the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to deliver this maintenance-as-a-service offering.

Why Cloud & Why Now?

Learn more about Cloud adoption and strategy.
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5 Pillars of a Digital Transformation Partner

The strength of AVEVA is in our proven installed base of successful customer applications of digital transformation. Our comprehensive software portfolio maximizes return on capital and improves profitability across asset and operations life cycles.

1. Comprehensive Value Chain

360 closed loop solutions across the entire operations and asset lifecycle

2. Open, System Agnostic Platform

Common underlying tools and components across the enterprise value chain

3. World-Class Global Ecosystem
Largest community of 4,000+ partner organizations including distributors, system integrators, OEM providers and technology partners plus 5,700 certified developers
4. Leading and Flexible Technology
Proven install base of analytics, big data, mobility, AR/VR technology delivered on-premises, cloud or hybrid with perpetual and subscription licensing
5. Organizational Strength and Installed Base
4,400 employees at 80 locations in over 40 countries supporting over 16,000 worldwide customers

AVEVA Supports Your Digital Transformation Across Five Portfolio Areas

Learn how we are helping to transform industry by offering the most comprehensive portfolio of industrial software, with proven references to unlock real business value.

  • Engineer Procure Construct

    Engineer Procure Construct

    Process Design, Simulation, and Training.

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  • Asset Performance

    Asset Performance

    Maximize return on asset investment.

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  • Monitor and Control

    Monitor and Control

    Consolidate real-time and historical data into actionable industrial intelligence.

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  • card image

    Plan and Schedule

    Shrink the gap between planned and actual results.

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  • Operate and Optimise

    Operate and Optimise

    Synchronize production operations with business objectives.

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