Turn Digital Transformation into Opportunity

Technology innovations like IIoT, edge, Cloud, artificial intelligence, advanced 3D visualization, and the digital twin create new opportunities for industries. But what will the new reality mean for your industry? We’ll help you get the full picture.


We’re on the Crest of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Businesses around the world face an enormous amount of pressure. They must evolve to address the following challenges:

  • Commodity prices and supply fluctuations
  • Competition and consolidation
  • Environmental, quality, and safety regulations
  • Geopolitical uncertainties
  • Generational and demographic change
  • The exponential pace of digital evolution


Let’s Make This Revolution Empower People

AVEVA is working hard to illuminate what value digital transformation can bring to industries. We want to ensure that we empower people with smarter ways of doing business. Our goal is to bring a human experience to technological developments, providing ways for our customers to maximize value creation across asset and operations lifecycles while improving profitability.

Learn more about the technology powering this revolution:

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The Latest Thinking. In Action.

Access up-to-date resources that bring digital transformation down to earth, revealing new ideas and next steps.


Digital Transformation Key Enablers

Discover how industrial digital transformation improves profitability and return on capital.


Exploiting Digital Twins to Drive Ecosystem Strategies

A new opportunity to improve multiparty collaboration is emerging around the life cycle of connected products and assets. 


Cyber Security for Industrial Networks

How to protect your critical data in the IIoT age.

Italpresse Gauss is Digitally Transforming through Virtual Reality to Create Digital Twins

What does implementing new technology like IIoT, virtual reality, and augmented reality look like when you’re working with the digital twin of an operating environment? Italpresse Gauss’s high-performance light metal casting solutions revealed the impact of these advancements firsthand. The team saw immediate improvements in maintenance effectiveness—just one metric to measure the immense potential at hand.

Go Beyond Trends to Deliver Meaningful Results

Our comprehensive software portfolio provides everything you need to transform your industry and unlock real business value.

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