E-Book: Preparing for a Smart Utilities future

Transformational change starts with effectively communicating a vision to all stakeholders. As you shape your company’s vision and strategy for the Smart Utilities future, we encourage you to browse through this comprehensive assessment of the Power industry for insights and ideas.

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Future-Proofing Your Digital Strategy

Designing a digital architecture can be challenging when most power companies are still figuring out the right strategy and business model for future success. To reduce risk and ensure agility, we have to understand how the power industry will evolve and anticipate its requirements.

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Meet The Architects & Experts

As the market leader in industrial IoT software and IT-OT integration, Schneider Electric brings decades of experience and insight to help you make the right digital platform decisions.

Capability / Layer

Perspectives from Subject Matter Experts

to any vendor
  • Topic: Having an open, multivendor, hardware-agnostic approach allows customers to keep their options open (especially when so much innovation is taking place) without the risk of being locked into any single vendor architecture.

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  • Topic: Focusing too narrowly on data requirements in the build phase limits the opportunities for improvement over the asset lifecycle – which is why a discussion of standards must happen upfront in forming the digital strategy.

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from anywhere
  • Topic: Managing the Power landscape requires a distributed architecture that balances the needs of activities that are centralized as well as the activities done at the edge or on-site.

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  • Topic: Utility business models are evolving in the face of disruptive change. It requires the IT strategy to be agile and flexible to accommodate for changes in the OT (asset) portfolio as a result of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

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  • Topic: As the number of devices and sensors proliferate, governance becomes critical. An IoT strategy must look beyond harvesting data – it needs to manage the devices in this multivendor landscape.

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on any device
  • Topic: In the virtual control room of the future, information from any application can be accessed anywhere and from any device. This requires a unified visualization strategy that is mobile-ready, easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to update.

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Collect & Historize
“one version of the truth”
  • Topic: To address the big data challenge, modern historians must be able to deal with more data (volume), more detail (fidelity), constant change (volatility), and be responsive (speed) to detect events and trends in a timely manner – all from one integrated version of the truth.

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Model Behavior
of assets & processes
  • Topic: Power companies need to make decisions that are both operationally and economically viable. The analytical models that help balance these two objectives must be at the core of any Enterprise Asset Performance Management (EAPM) strategy.

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  • Topic: High-fidelity models are key to providing advanced warning of impending failure.

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Simulate & Train
the next generation worker
  • Topic: As work processes get more sophisticated and workers need to attain competency faster, virtual reality-based training offers an effective method for knowledge transfer.

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Standardize Processes
for consistent execution
  • Topic: To maximize the value of analytics, insights must be acted upon in a timely manner. That means codifying the process using workflow technology to ensure consistent response.

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