Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas Downstream and Chemicals

Learn how to Maximise profitability and stay ahead of the curve at the AVEVA World Conference


On 10-13 September a number of large refining and chemical companies are coming together in the Oil and Gas Downstream and Chemicals track at AVEVA World Conference in Dallas, Texas, to present how they are digitally transforming their plant processes, capital projects and operations.

There is no longer any doubt in the industry that digital transformation is necessary – a key opportunity is to find new efficiencies and value by transforming plants and work processes using IIoT, intelligent information management, predictive asset analytics, cloud applications and AR/VR.

The whole sector knows this, and a recent industry report from technology analyst Vanson Bourne shows that a staggering 83% of decision makers say that plant digitalisation is a top or high priority in their organisation and 92% fear they will be left behind the competition if they don’t digitalise.

The trick is to stay ahead of the curve, digitally transforming smarter and faster than the competition, increasing agility and efficiency to handle volatile global market conditions and changes in demand.


The challenge is how to do it. Successfully.

There is no cookie-cutter solution, every organisation is different. So, what is the best solution for your organisation? Where do you start and what technology solutions can generate the greatest value for you?

The Oil and Gas Downstream and Chemicals track at AVEVA World Conference is your opportunity to find out what other organisations in your industry are doing to transform their plants digitally, finding different paths and technology solutions to maximise profitabiltiy.

You will learn how to create value in both the asset and operations lifecycles and how AVEVA’s portfolio of digital transformation tools can support you at every step of your journey.

In the capital project breakout sessions, you will learn from companies such as Shell, North West Redwater Partnership Refinery and AVEVA how to generate additional value in your asset lifecycle by:

  • Maximising product quality and profitability with process engineering
  • Increasing agility in design and collaboration between multi-discipline team
  • Optimising process design and operating procedures with high-fidelity OTS

If you are focusing on the operations lifecycle our speakers from Air Liquide, CF Industries, Reliance and AVEVA will introduce new ways to increase profitability by:

  • Improving Asset Performance and Empowering the Workforce
  • Improving Operational Efficiency with Monitor & Control Solutions
  • Maximising Profitability by Optimizing Operations

Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey there will be something there for you.


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Author: Rebecca Elgebrandt

RebeccaElgebrandt-HeadShotRebecca Elgebrandt is leading portfolio marketing for AVEVA’s Engineering business. With a combined Chemical Engineering and Marketing background Rebecca has over 10 years’ experience in engineering software for the process industries. She is passionate about supporting organisations in their digital transformation journeys to realise the hidden value of their engineering information and maximizing the profitability of their capital projects and operations.