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SimCentral Simulation Platform's digital twin can reduce simulation effort by 50% throughout a plant's lifecycle

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Redefining Distillation.

Expand your digital twin with rigorous distillation columns

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The Digital Twin for Your Entire Process Plant Lifecycle

Whether you need to increase efficiency, productivity or profitability, SimCentral Simulation Platform can create your plant’s Digital Twin (a master simulation model of your plant) to leverage across the process lifecycle. With increasingly detailed process information from your SimCentral Simulation Platform Digital Twin, you can compare the actual plant status against your simulation model to see and understand unit performance monitoring and real time optimization.

SimCentral Simulation Platform 2.0 is now available for download. 

Expand the Digital Twin with New Distillation Capabilities

Discover how this new unified Simulation Platform supports the entire engineering lifecycle; from representation of actual P&ID, mapping each equipment object to a detailed engineering database; to building/testing the dynamic simulation early in the process design; to optimizing the process and control design, comparing capital versus operating costs; to the continuous improvement of operations, as the simulation model becomes the plant's Digital Twin.

SimCentral Simulation Platform Represents the Future of Plant Process Simulation

In many plants, each simulation activity in the lifecycle of an operating plant requires an individual point solution. Although each piece of software is justified by itself, companies struggle to maintain & sustain these models adequately before they become outdated. With SimCentral Simulation Platform, these activities can be performed in the same master simulation: the Digital Twin of your process. The Digital Twin can be leveraged to greatly reduce your overall technology investment.

Unified Lifecycle Engineering

  • First industrial simulation platform developed from the ground up
  • Supports Steady State, Fluid Flow and Dynamic Modeling
  • Modeling developed in a single environment for unified lifecycle support

Agile Process Development

  • Changes the engineering workflow by promoting collaboration 
  • Enables user to work concurrently on the same model across departments, regional time zones, and between Engineering Procurement and Construction organizations
  • Open model writing environment that allows the simulation of custom and proprietary models

Enticing the Next Generation

  • Embraces modern software structure
  • Intuitive interface designed to exceed expectations and centralize simulation tasks
  • Accelerates adoption, usage and time to value

Transform the Way You Work

SimCentral Simulation Platform is the perfect replacement for several of your existing tools. Typical process engineering projects are complex and time consuming. As a single, unified platform for process simulation (including process, fluid flow & dynamic simulations) SimCentral Simulation Platform is powerful enough to cover all your needs, plus reduce deployment and IT costs.

  • Empowering Engineering Firms

    Empowering Engineering Firms

    Deliver your projects faster and more efficiently while increasing customer satisfaction and asset utilization.

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  • Equipping Operating Companies

    Equipping Operating Companies

    Reduce your workforce’s learning curve by consolidating several tools into one unified solution that meets the expectations of the next generation workforce.

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Shaping Process Simulation for the Next Generation

  • Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture

    Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture

    SimCentral Simulation Platform can predict the pressure surge in low pressure equipment and piping.

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  • simcentral production capability

    Production Capability

    SimCentral Simulation Platform provides the latest innovations in production simulation.

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  • SimCentral Steam Balance

    Steam Balance

    SimCentral Simulation Platform can handle complex specifications associated with detailed steam balances.

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  • SimCentral Steam Balance

    Vacuum Transfer Lines

    SimCentral Simulation Platform is capable of rigorous design and rating of vacuum transfer lines to avoid critical flow.

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  • Compressor Design & Simulation

    Compressor Design & Simulation

    SimCentral Simulation Platform can accurately design and dynamically simulate compressor operation.

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  • Process Utilities

    Process Utilities

    SimCentral Simulation Platform can drive process development with ease & agility.

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