On Demand Webinar

Discover Termis District Energy Management!

The only tool that you will need to design, operate and optimize your chilled water, low temperature hot water and steam networks.

Join us and discover Termis District Energy Management by AVEVA, a scalable, district energy specific software solution which uses most of your existing IT investments and applies to different roles in the organization:

As an engineer, Termis District Energy Management saves you time by providing district energy specific design and analytical tools, compared to other generic software systems.

As an operator, Termis District Energy Management connects to your monitoring and control system and expands its data with easy to use, specialized tools that predict, in real time, the impact that planned and unplanned events will have in the service, and provide you with real time data even in assets and areas not monitored today.

Engineers, operators and managers will also benefit from Termis District Energy ManagementĀ“s optimization tools that will help you save energy, money and resources by optimizing the temperature in the network or managing the loads more efficiently, all in real time.

Learn in 30 Minutes:

  • How to simplify the design process and the analysis of new and existing networks.
  • How to identify incidents (bottlenecks, low pressure service, etc.) even before they happen and how to avoid or minimize their impact.
  • How to plan your maintenance work more efficiently and with minimal disruption in the service.
  • How to get more real time data for your district energy network compared to the limited data that you get today in your HMI.
  • How to save money and energy by optimizing your existing infrastructure.

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