AVEVA Assembly Planning™

Maximum efficiency in ship construction at the earliest possible stages.


Maximum Efficiency in Ship Construction

AVEVA Assembly Planning is a powerful tool for defining and optimising a ship construction strategy and producing the necessary assembly documentation. By performing hull assembly and outfitting operations at the earliest possible stages, best use can be made of shipyard industrial facilities, and substantial cost and time savings achieved.


Minimise Production Costs by Maximising the Level of Pre-outfitting

Design changes that affect the manufacturing Bill of Materials are easily managed. The ship’s hierarchical assembly breakdown structure is defined and maintained in parallel with engineering, design and 3D modelling. Individual parts and sub-assemblies are gathered in a hierarchical way to define the detailed building sequence for the ship. AVEVA Assembly Planning gives production engineers a powerful tool to minimise production costs by maximising the level of pre-outfitting at each stage of assembly.

Features and Capabilities

AVEVA Assembly Planning is an integral part of the AVEVA Marine™ solution.

Reduced Time and Man-Hours

Parallel ship design and assembly planning work reduces delivery time.

Efficient creation of accurate assembly documents reduces man-hours, costs and delivery times.

Reduced Costs

Minimise production costs by installing equipment and outfitting items at the earliest possible stages of assembly.

Increased Shipyard Efficiency

Improved coordination between ship design and production enables better change control and more efficient use of resources.

Maintained in Parallel with the Design and Modelling Work

It uses this to support the definition of the vessel build strategy and the creation of assembly production information. The assembly production breakdown structure is defined and maintained in parallel with the design and modelling work.

Managing the Assembly Production Breakdown Structure of the Design Model

AVEVA Assembly Planning is one of AVEVA’s Design products, which create 3D models for detailed design and produce all associated deliverables. It provides functionality that manages the assembly production breakdown structure of the design model in the form of a hierarchical assembly tree.

Increased Shipbuilding Flexibility

Ease of replanning a ship’s construction strategy enables best use of available or alternative production facilities.

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