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AVEVA Cloud Training Center provides access to self-learning courses for AVEVA™ E3D Design via AVEVA Connect.

Take advantage of 20-hours free access to training modules to learn the core aspects of AVEVA ™ E3D Design with all supporting material available 24/7 for you to learn at a pace to suit your schedule. After completion of the training you will be awarded a certificate of achievement to download for your records.

The 20-hours free access should be sufficient for you to cover the mandatory courses from the respective learner journey i.e. Piping, Structural, HVAC, Cabling. If you already familiar you may explore other discipline courses to give you a taster of our market-leading industrial 3D design technology.


AVEVA Cloud Training Center will provide you with more control and agility to prioritize training more effectively for  global engineering teams in your business. Access to the training will allow you to cover all the relevant training modules, providing you practical experience to better prepare for existing and future projects without disruption to project schedules.


Self-training from any location

No matter where you are in the world you can have 24/7 secure cloud access to training


Intuitive training dashboard

Navigate with ease through the training modules and run courses directly from the software


Step-by-step training guide

Comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to launch and work through the training courses


Certificate of completion

Once you have completed your chosen course your training certificate will be available for download

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We have a range of training modules on offer for AVEVA E3D Design. To make the learner journey intuitive to follow we have broken down courses by discipline. This ensures that you are learning the modules most suited to the needs of your job role. The step by step guide and supporting videos will provide you with the content you need to successfully complete each module.

If you have used up all the 20 hours and require more time to complete the training please contact your local AVEVA representative who will discuss your business requirements.


Discover how our cloud training makes a difference and how it can give you and your teams the edge to stay ahead of the competition in project execution.


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If you encounter any issues with the training please contact your AVEVA Connect company administrator. Alternatively, you may contact your local AVEVA representative or contact AVEVA Connect support.

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